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5 Different Outdoor Advertising Tools Compared

For an organization, it’s essential for their products and services to be known to the outside world. This can maximize the value and sales of their products. When people will know more about the products and services, the more chance that they will buy the products.

One of the most effective ways to achieve is through advertising. From newspaper advertisements to digital ads, the world of advertisement has massively evolved. In fact, it has become a part of our daily life.  

Since there are plenty of advertising options out there in the market, choosing the best is tough. Outdoor advertising is one of them since it’s quite powerful and efficient. It can be used as a mass-marketing medium, branding, support campaigns, messages, and so on. 

These days, many companies clamor for huge foot traffic areas, spaces, and spots for outdoor advertising. But what is outdoor advertising and how does it work? Let’s explore more about outdoor advertisements by looking at some of the best available options.

1.   Billboard Advertising

You must have seen those big billboards showing some ads every now and then. Billboards are huge posters that are displayed in the most accessible and popular locations of an area. These posters are used to display advertisements about a product or service. 

Around 71% of the users have admitted that they look at the displays and messages on the roadside ads. This shows that billboards are becoming the new favorite option of marketers to influence mass consumers.

Some of the different types of billboard advertising are:


These are the most common billboard advertising that can be easily seen on the roadsides. The target customers of these billboards are the ones in their car. This type of marketing is subtle and welcoming to customers.


This type of advertising is one of the best forms of outdoor advertising. It’s very beneficial and dynamic, and grabs consumers’ attention. There are a plethora of billboards that display tons of advertisements.


When more than half of the world is using smartphones, the best way to speak about your products is through ads on smartphones. Billboards don’t have to be necessarily in the printed form only. Mobile billboard advertisements are becoming quite popular nowadays because it’s harmless, playful, and affordable.

2.   Bridge Advertising 

Another type of outdoor advertising is bridge advertising. Targeting the commuters, bridge advertising can be done using banners during rush hours. These banners are displayed on small bridges with busy highways. If you don’t drive much, you might not see this type of advertising.  

These banners can be used on different types of roads and bridges in the target location. You have to be more strategic while incorporating this type of marketing technique. This is because not every busy road or highway has bridges that intersect them. 

Bridge advertisements are useful if the primary target groups are frequent travelers or follow critical bridges in the area. Advertising on bridges can be the best and most impressive way of advertising as it can create a point of attraction for many prospects. 

3.   Lamp Post Advertising

Lamp post advertising is another type of striking outdoor advertisement, which is often common and seen in some of the prime areas of the city. Lamp post banners are typically recognizable at night by street lighting. 

This style of banner advertisement is most useful as it grabs the attention of the people and passersby in the night. Usually, the lamppost banners are placed on parking lots or streets that are surrounded by people most of the time and are hard to avoid.

4.   Advertising Inflatables

Inflatables are one of the most innovative types of outdoor advertising techniques that can draw the attention of your target buyers. Nowadays, advertising with the help of inflatables is the new smart way of making your brand famous. It’s also being used by all smart businesses to advertise their brands, products, and services. 

You get multiple ways and options of advertisements–from sky balloons to walking inflatables, inflatable logos, brand names, arches, and even much more.

If you have selected the right company to make your inflatable logo or brand name, for sure it will grab the attention of a wider audience. The advertising inflatables are put at carnivals or events when people are most relaxed and happy. The sky balloons are placed on the top of high-rise shopping complexes and malls to draw the attention of the consumers nearby. Inflatable Anything is one such company that creates top-quality inflatables in Australia. They produce high-quality inflatables and their designers are ready to awe-inspire you. From inflatable arches, inflatable mascots to inflatable marquees, they can be your go-to advertising solution.

5.   Point Of Sale Display Advertising

Through this type of advertisement, the products are put at the main billing counters to lure the impulsive buyers. This type of advertising is also an integral part of outdoor advertising. The impulsive customers tend to buy the products just by looking at them at the cashier counter. 

While waiting in the queue for their turns to come and get their products billed, they buy the other products as well. It is an efficient way of advertising as many people buy some products at the last-minute with the least amount of effort.

It's a subtle way to advertise and sell any product. Businesses that opt for this strategy request the store holders to put their products at or around the cashier counters. However, one needs to be more careful and calculated while implementing this advertising. Only tangible and noticeable, which can entice the customers and draw attention immediately, products should be displayed. 

If done accurately, this marketing approach can be the best among all others without putting substantial efforts.


There are countless of choices for outdoor advertisements. But the businesses have to be smarter while deciding which one of these advertisement techniques is the best to promote their brand. Your decision to use any of the advertising techniques depends on your type of brand or product, so act wisely when you start your business promotion.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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