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5 Diwali Gifts for Your Mother- The Woman Who Brought You into This World!

Like everyone, you also feel a strong emotional connection to the word 'mother.' After all, she is the one who provides us with life. She is the one who does everything for us and makes our dreams come true at the cost of hers. She not only performs the role of a mother but also of a friend, teacher, and guide. She helps us out of every problem and saves us from our father's scolding too. Yet, we take her and her love for granted many times and don't realize that all she expects from us is love and respect. So on this pious occasion of Diwali, let your mom know how much you love and care for her. Give her useful and meaningful Diwali gifts and make this Diwali special for her. Here are a few suggestions of some gifts you could give to your mom:

Microwave-A mother works tirelessly round the clock to provide for her family's needs. She does not think of herself as she places everyone else above her. In doing all the endless work, she gets very tired but still struggles to make everyone happy. Hence, this Diwali gives your mom an appliance that reduces her workload, especially something as time-consuming as cooking. Gift your mother a microwave. A microwave is one of the best appliances for the kitchen as it can be used for several purposes. However, even if your mother does not want to use it for entire cooking, she can always use it for part cooking like boiling and steaming or for other things like warming the food, de-frosting, thawing, etc. It is excellent for baking, grilling, roasting, and so on as well. The best thing about a microwave is that it is a useful appliance and time conserving appliance. Hence, it is a great Diwali gift for family.

Dinner Set - Crockery is something that is needed in every household. Whether you frequently entertain guests or maintain a simple social life, crockery is a thing without which your house is incomplete. Hence, every woman is very fond of crockery and tries to keep hers as safely as possible. Gifting your mother a good dinner set will not only come in handy sometime or the other, but it is also something that she will like very much. This is a wonderful gift, especially around Diwali, as Diwali time is when guests pour in from all over. Therefore, there is a greater need for good crockery. So gift your mom a beautiful dinner set this Diwali and add another gem to her collection.

Puja Thali - Diwali is essentially a time for prayer and worship. It is time to thank the divine for all his blessings and mercies. Keeping this in mind, people especially pray to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, and Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. People place their beautiful idols in their homes and offer prayers to them. So, at such a time, gifting a puja thali is a great idea, particularly if your mom has a strong religious bent. These days, a complete thali is available with all the necessary prayer and worship items. Most of them come in attractive designs and shapes. They are also available in different materials, ranging from stainless steel to gold and silver-plated ones. So what do you think? It is a good gift. Isn't it?

Sari - A sari has been truly called the best attire for an Indian woman, specifically for festive occasions and celebrations. The general trend of dressing up on Diwali is followed everywhere. So why don't you gift your mother a beautiful sari as a Diwali gift this year? She will be mighty pleased. And, if you give it to her a few days in advance, she will wear it on Diwali. If you have bought a sari earlier, you will have no problem. However, if you have never bought a sari in your life, there is still nothing to worry about. Go to any sari showroom and take the help of the salesman or sales girl there. Think about it. A sari will surely make an awesome Diwali gift in Kolkata.

Oil Burner - This is yet another special gift. All mothers are particular about their home smelling fresh and fragrant all the time. For this reason, they resort to various air fresheners, some of which could be very harmful due to their toxic chemical content. Gift your mom a breath of pure and scented air with the oil burner. An oil burner is an exquisite home fragrance product, making a place look very beautiful due to its attractive design. It also creates a healthy atmosphere as the fragrance it releases in the air is produced by essential oils, 100% natural plant extracts with many beneficial qualities. Hence, a unique gift like an oil burner will truly be a wonderful gift for your mom this Diwali. If you want to plan a holiday with your family know about the December Global Holidays.

There you have it. This is my list of some special gifts to make your mom's Diwali memorable. Don't forget to buy your gift well in time and get it wonderfully wrapped as well. More than anything else, your mom is sure to love the gesture.

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