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5 Easy Guidelines On How To Start A Mortgage Business

5 Easy Guidelines On How To Start A Mortgage Business

Starting a business in mortgage lending can be fulfilling and highly profitable. Mortgage brokers, loan managers, sales assistants, and even loan officers in the lending industry often work off to a commission. In fact, a lot of business tycoons and millionaires entered the mortgage lending industry because of its promising ROI.

Currently, there are over 73 million homeowners in the United States, and the demand for home mortgages is increasing. At the center of the mortgage industry are loan originators who provide and manage guidance throughout the process of financing to change the illusion of owning a home into a reality.

Here are six ways required for people who are planning to start a mortgage business.


1. Get your mortgage license through the state.


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Every state in America has different requirements with their own set of pre-requisites to get a mortgage license but one thing is for sure, all states are using the NMLS system in processing the license request.


You should process this through the same state office which also takes care of the real estate business. Every state varies on some requirements, such as experience required, education, or physical office needs. The state will give you an application, which asks a nonrefundable payment of at least one thousand dollars to process the application.


2. Choose where your business’ location.

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If you don’t have a physical office where you can meet your clients, you need to meet them in their homes or other agreed locations. That can be inconvenient for both you and your clients since most customers have a perception, that for you to have a trusted business, you should have a physical office. The mortgage business can be shady and since it involves a hefty amount of cash and property acquisition, it’s a common target for fraudsters and scammers. 


That’s why if you choose to rent an office space, consider about renting one that has related businesses which can be a possible referral source of your mortgage business.

3. Finish all legal procedures needed in starting the business.


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For you to have a legitimately running business, you would have to comply with all state, tax, and other legal requirements. If you are not sure about all of these, consult a business lawyer to help you out. When you are interested in learning everything, there are also online resources from expert business lawyer sites that you can reference on, Read this blog as an example. Monahan Law has been a trusted name for experienced and top of the line business attorneys.


You need to choose and register a name for your business and decide on a business structure. You might also need other business permits and licenses depending on the state and local law. To know what is legally necessary to open your business, you need to contact your county government’s office.


4. Establish a product offering.


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Reach out to commercial lenders who offer different loan products for you, in which you can also provide to your clients. These types of commercial banks have particular loan approval processes, that is why you need to get used to all of those procedures before providing them to the clients.


5. Develop a marketing plan and other strategies

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Your mortgage business will not succeed without customers. But, you need to avoid consumers who don’t pay, because it might lead to a foreclosure crisis in the future. Specify your plans for getting referrals and clients.


Creating a marketing plan can also assist you in developing your image and understanding of your target market. Start listing your business directories and local media outlets. You will need to produce printed materials which include business cards, brochures, signages, and stationeries to inform people about your new business. 




Starting your own business in the mortgage industry might be easier than it sounds. The advantage of retaining your commissions and setting your hours is enticing to many. You can avoid politics and office drama and develop your advancement opportunities. Just always remember that managing some appropriate logistics will be important to get your mortgage business up and running.

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