5 Easy Pet Business Ideas to Consider Starting



If you love working with and being around animals, then you might want to turn that love into a business that pays well. There are plenty of pet business ideas to consider that can turn out to be very profitable once you get going. Remember, people are always going to have pets to take care of, so a pet business will be one that is always necessary to a large population.

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If you would love to make a living doing what you love, consider the following five easy pet business ideas that will not take much of an initial investment to get off the ground.

1. Forget the kids- babysit a pet instead

If you want to start out with a pet business that is a little easier than others, pet sitting will be at the top of the list. This is one of the best choices because there will always be a need for a pet sitter. You can also offer multiple services when you decide on this type of business. For example, the pets can come to your home while their owners are away on vacation. Or, you can stay overnight at the owner’s home if they believe that their pets will be more comfortable staying in their own territory. You can also offer daytime services for pet owners who will be gone for hours and need some extra help for the day.

If you’re really looking to pull in the business, combine your services as a pet sitter with house-sitting offers. Many pet owners, especially seniors, enjoy traveling for weeks at a time and need someone who can take care of their home while they are away. Your business can offer both house and pet sitting for those who need it.

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2. Grab the clippers and start a dog grooming business

Many pet owners do not have the time, patience, or equipment to groom their own pets at home, especially dog breeds that have a lot of fur. Many dog owners would much rather pay someone else to groom their animals, so there is a very high chance you’ll be able to draw in customers easily. Dog grooming is a business you can run out of your home as long as you have the space to dedicate to the equipment you need, especially if you offer dog bathing services. It’s a very flexible business opportunity since you can offer your services any time of the day, even late at night if you want!

If you really want to expand your dog grooming business, include mobile service in your package. Many dog owners would rather have their pet groomed in the comfort and ease of their own home, especially if their dog gets agitated in unfamiliar areas. You’ll get a lot of business just for the fact that you offer a convenient solution for grooming needs.

3. Take on the yucky job as a pooper scooper

Ask any dog owner what chore they hate the most, and you’re almost guaranteed to hear about poop. It’s another aspect of pet ownership that many people would rather pay someone else to do! It’s a great pet business opportunity that you need minimum start-up cash to begin, as long as you have a reliable vehicle to use. Simply invest in a quality scooper and strong waste bags and then get started advertising. Customers will pay you to come to their homes and pick up the waste in their yard. You’ll also want to look into some type of insurance in case you get hurt on the job as a precaution.

4. Click away as a pet photographer

Do you enjoy taking photos of pets? Do you have a quality camera setup that takes amazing pictures? Why not turn that skill into a pet photography business? Everyone loves pictures of their pets, but not everyone has the photography skills to get a great shot. Use your knowledge to set up photo shoots for animals. One of the perks of this job is the way you can set up a shoot in many different places.
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Do you or the pet owner have an electric fireplace in their home? Set up a cozy rug and pillows in front of it and have the pet pose for a cozy picture. Are you near a lake or a beach? Use the beautiful scenery as a gorgeous background while you click away.

Want to broaden your horizons? Advertise mobile photography services for ANY animal. This includes snakes, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, and any other animal your client adores. Just because a pet doesn’t have fur doesn’t mean that the owner doesn’t love them enough for a professional picture!

5. Put your culinary skills to work as a pet food maker

Many pet owners have become much more aware of the food their pets eat, especially dog and cat owners. They are often on the lookout for food that offers more health benefits than your run-of-the-mill pre-packaged dog food. If you love to spend time in the kitchen, starting your own healthy pet food business will be a great business idea. Plus, there are tons of avenues to explore, from homemade raw dog food to healthy dog and cat treats to specific pet food for pets with allergies. If you aren’t quite ready to dedicate yourself to the cooking, you can become a pet food distributor instead.

Remember, you don’t have to cater to just dogs and cats. People will still need services for more exotic animals, such as snakes, lizards, ferrets, mice, and other smaller animals that may not need as much care. You can also offer tank and cage cleaning services for an extra charge while the owners are away.