5 Easy Ways To Stay Energized While Working


Everyone deals with low-energy days at work from time to time, and sometimes even the strongest cup of coffee isn't enough to make your energy spike so you can be productive. If you find yourself having a day where you are nearly falling asleep at your desk, here are five simple things you can try to get your energy and stamina back.

Get Outside

If being cooped up inside at a desk all day is making you exhausted, take a break and get yourself outside! Soaking up some vitamin D may be all you need to feel reenergized and ready to work. Getting some clean, fresh air into your lungs can also make you feel better almost instantly because it gives your lungs a break from the stale, recycled air that is in your office. If your workspace has no windows, it is especially important to take the time to get some sun exposure because too much darkness can lead to exhaustion and depression.

Take Healthy Supplements

If your regular afternoon cup of coffee is no longer doing the trick, you may need to reevaluate your overall nutrition and take a deep dive into why you are feeling so run down at work. If you are not eating as healthily as you should be and are not giving your body the proper nutrients, this could be a major reason why you are feeling exhausted. If you simply do not have the time or the interest in eating balanced meals every day, try something like Gundry MD products, which give you all of the vital nutrients needed to have an energized and productive day.

Steer Clear of Heavy Lunches

Sometimes we simply cannot help ourselves when hunger strikes. We need a large meal and we need it now. However, large, filling meals tend to make people "crash" after they eat them, so this is not the best way to eat if you intend on getting things done in the afternoon. Instead, eat several smaller meals throughout the day so you do not become overly hungry but you do not become full either. If you enjoy cooking, prep yourself colorful, healthy lunches and snacks packaged in different containers so you can easily grab something delicious throughout the day. Being prepared with options that are good for you is a simple way to avoid giving into the temptation of unhealthy, heavy spontaneous treats.

Get Moving

Spending time outside is a great way to break up a mundane day, but if you have no real outdoor area at work, take the time to get up from your desk every so often just to get your body moving. You may be shocked to see just how much simply standing up and walking a few paces can make you feel like a new person. Walk over to a coworker's desk and have a quick chat or take a moment to walk to the break room or cafeteria to grab a glass of water. Sometimes simply being stationary for a long period of time is enough to make us want to take a nap.

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Handle the Easy Tasks When You Are Most Tired 

It is much more challenging to complete tough tasks when you are tired, so spend the early morning hours when you are just getting energized doing easier tasks. When you get to the office and are drinking your first cup of coffee, check your emails and perform your simple day-to-day tasks that do not require as much brain power. That way, your morning bursts of energy are reserved for all of the trickier items that will most likely come your way.


Being exhausted at work is something that everyone deals with, no matter what they do for a living. If you find yourself feeling like you can't break through a bout of the blahs, use these simple tips to get yourself back in working shape.