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5 Effective Tips for Handling IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster


IObit Driver Booster is one of the best system utility software available in the market. It has a user-friendly interface and an efficient driver updater. The software provides a one-click solution to secure and rapidly update any outdated drivers. It can install missing drivers as well as fix or replace faulty drivers.

The main purpose of IObit Driver Booster is to keep your personal computer or desktop away from problems such as device connection errors, BSOD, no sound, slow network, audio crackling, system crash and many more.

IObit Driver Booster performs a complete scan on your system automatically after installation, before providing you with a wide list of your computer's drivers. This program will come complete with full information regarding their size, age and if they need replacement.

It can obtain the correct driver form their database and install the latter effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and a large database, it can support 2,500,000 plus drivers and game components. It is an easy-to-use yet powerful driver updater.

Technical Specifications and Features of IObit Driver Booster

Following are the technical features of IObit:

Organization type: SMEs   Mid-market    Enterprise      Startups

No. of employees : 1-10    11-15  16-200            501-1000       1001-5000

Supported platforms: Microsoft Windows

Deployment: Web-based

Suitable for: All kind of industries

Language: English

Features of IObit Driver Booster include:

1) Useful Updates: You might have suffered from issues such as bad resolutions or poor sound quality on your PC. These are caused due to outdated display adapters and missing sound cards.

IObit Driver Booster can update more than 3000,000 device drivers and game components for top PC performance. All downloaded drivers will come from the official manufacturer’s websites. And, all these drivers will have passed both Microsoft WHQL test and IObit test to ensure authority and security. 

It can detect and update more rare, mismatched and outdated PC drivers with a single click. This driver booster helps you detect and eliminate unnecessary cache and cookies stored by different websites. It can easily optimize your computer system and increase the efficiency and processing power of the processor.

2) Tools to Fix Common Issues: You might have encountered the famous blue screen of death or similar kind of system crashes. They are also caused by some driver errors. IObit Driver Booster provides you with some useful tools to fix common Windows issues and errors effectively. It can easily fix blue screen of death issues which are caused by failures in driver updates. The software also provides supports to no sound issues and network failures for enhanced user experience.

3) Real-Time Updates: IObit Driver Booster is a convenient driver updater for you. It can easily detect and update the outdated drivers very effectively. It facilitates you to get the latest driver updates in real-time.

Five Effective Tips for Handling IObit Driver Booster

Iobit Driver Software is a fantastic application. It has a simple, clean and user-friendly interface that even novice users will be able to utilize. It is capable of detecting any outdated driver. You can replace such obsolete drivers with a single click. Thus, if used properly then IObit Driver Software can easily optimize your system and can take its performance to the next level.

Here are the five effective tips to handle IObit driver software effectively in order to enhance the performance of your personal computer or laptop:

1) Always restart your PC or laptop after scanning your system with IObit Driver Booster. Restarting your system will refresh all the essential functions and processes. You can also permit the IObit Driver Booster to automatically install the drivers whenever the system is idle. IObit Driver Booster has advanced compression technology, automatic retry mechanism, breakpoint resume technology and SSL Protocol. These functions allow you to have faster, smoother and safer driver download and installation.

During the restart process, all the updated drivers gets synchronised with their respective programs or processes. You can also enable the automatic restart option to avoid doing it manually.

2) If you are a game lover or professional gamer then you can effectively enhance your gaming experience with IObit Driver Booster. There are various components in professional and amateur games, and their drivers, which are widely used, can also be updated with the help of this driver booster. You can effectively accelerate the gaming performance of your system. It prioritizes the update process of gaming components for better gaming experience.

IObit includes specific features such as Game boost or Game Driver Ready. This feature is genuinely effective in enhancing the gaming experience. You just need to add the games in the gaming list of the IObit Driver Booster. This program will automatically boost the gaming experience once you launch your favourite game. How? By automatically stopping all the unnecessary background applications and processes, and, thereby, making available sufficient RAM usage for that particular game.

3) Permit the Iobit Drive booster to automatically create a backup and restore point. It is extremely necessary to have a backup and restore before updating any driver. In case any unexpected event materializes, the Iobit Drive booster will automatically recover the lost driver data and information from the previously created backup and restore point.

It is one of the most important features of the IObit Driver Software which can be used very effectively in order to secure the driver data. You can also use this backup in case of any unplanned overhaul. This is because you can easily restore the data and continue your work.

4) Everything you do in your Windows OS is recorded in the registry. It has all the details of the programs or drivers which you have installed or uninstalled. Windows doesn’t efficiently clean up the registry and constantly creates new entries.

Not all of them are important for the system. Ultimately, these entries use the space and RAM of the computer to degrade the overall performance as well as the speed of the system. Not only this, sometimes your system encounters frequent crashes and blue screen of death. IObit Driver Booster is capable of cleaning such unnecessary registries.

You can easily free up the space and increase the processing speed of the system by cleaning up the registries with IObit Driver Booster. Again, do not forget to restart the computer.

5) Last but not the least, IObit Driver Booster offers you a spam filter. You should permit this program to detect unsolicited and unwanted emails which can lead to any kind of system crash or malfunctions.


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