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5 fashion hacks for summer 2019

Certainly, summer is the season for florals and pastels. But, the season has a lot more than just simple solid cotton wears accompanied by a lot of sunscreen on the face. And, the biggest peace for this is it has a tremendously well availability inside your wardrobe. Because every Indian woman has this basic inside the closet. Summer is hot, yes the steaming climate requires your skin to breathe with the stuff wrapped around you. So, the main material has to be something made out of soft fabrics, like that of cotton or siphon. These fabrics are not only soft for the skin to transpire but also allows a great pinch of appealing look to the one adoring it. Hence, lets come to the basic requirements of summer a plain cotton kurta (Of any colour, sleeve, style, length or fitting), simple pain tank top, plain crop top, sarees, white t-shirt, see throw shrugs, long skirt (If comfortable, take a short one too), ankle length leggings and the last basic is the printed or non-printed palazzo pants.

Long skirt ethnic deva:   This is the look that is extremely comfortable plus it has a great deal of fashion added to it. A long skirt, compiled with a nice cotton kurta or a pretty crop top. The entire look can never go bad because of the added indo-western look placed beautifully on the attire. The look is highly favourable for fashion photography, as it plays with fashion and beauty simultaneously. The entire look should be paired up with a pretty junk neckpiece or a heavy earring. The end results are not only wonderful but they are in awe of the ones slipping into it.

Plain white t-shirt:   Probably, the thing which is the basic requirement of any fashion wardrobe. A plain white t can literally nail out any look. Say, that a skirt or a pair of jeans. The colour white is not only soothing to the eyes, but it is extremely comforting for the one who is wearing it. Apart, from the t-shit is well suited for a formal look too, with the accessorizing of the sheer shrug, or plain ankle-length leggings. The t-shirt look can be paired with a messy bun or a simple ponytail that enhances the entire look with much grace. Apart from this, the plain t-shirt look is cute as well as comfortable.

Kurta dress:   A statement by it, the kurta dress is an elegant statement for any occasion. The plain cotton cloth is not at all body con, plus the body-hugging nature adds a lot of comfort for the ones wearing. The extreme street fashion of a kurta dress has a lot of ethnicities plus a western look to it. The look is meant to be accessorized with a nice pair of heavy junk jewellery and a scarf wrapped around the head. You can buy some of every piece of jewellery, from Senco Gold and pair it with it. The look is slick plus elegant in its own way. The dress can be of either floral prints, bohemian prints or even solid colours. But the material should definitely be the typical summer fabric.

Palazzo is the best friend   Nothing is as comfortable as a palazzo for summer because it is meant to be kept simple. A palazzo can simply be styled with anything. Say that, a kurta or tank top or a sleeveless shirt. The best lower for summer, because it creates a lot more than just comfort. The Palazzo should be paired with printed upper wears if it is of a solid colour and the exact opposite if the palazzo is printed.   The palazzo look can be made and shaped up accordingly with the fitting of the pants. If it is parallel then the style can be monitored into both ethnic as well as western. The colour skim is the main thing that plays a great deal in the show of fashion. Beauty can be easily paved with jewellery or even a sturdy smile.   The main accessory of any summer look has to of a simple scarf and a plain sunglass. This two are enough for nailing a day with ease.

Nothing is better than cotton:   This is the last and one of the most favourable options for a sudden hangout or an event. The oversized shirts are the best option. One can just wear it like a plain dress, with no buttons clutched over the shirt. Making it an off-shoulder dress, the plaid shirt is simple and is almost available to every woman out there. It can easily be accessorized with jewellery or even worn with short leggings.   The entire skim of style paves a great deal of beauty with fashion. Whether a model or a normal human, this style will definitely make you a red carpet model. That is all the hacks and fashion options, for photography or any other normal outing. Apart from this, a pinkie point is added, keep yourself hydrated and use enough sunscreen.

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