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5 First Date ideas for Valentine's day

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With Valentine's coming up, many of you must be looking for amazing date ideas. But wait, is it your first date on Valentine’s day? Yes, First dates do happen on VDay but it actually doubles the stress of organizing a date that doesn’t force romance on Valentine's day. Valentine’s day is usually a date reserved for existing couples, not for two people who recently met. That is why you need to assure your date for the evening doesn’t send wrong signals to your partner. And to help you plan for a casual first date on Valentine’s day, we’ve rounded up some fun tips. So don’t stress it out too much and enjoy your evening. Let’s have a look:

Plan for a movie night:

While we know most of the article won’t suggest a movie as a good idea for the first date but not many of them fall on Valentine’s day. A movie date on Valentine’s day is a safe choice who are going out for the first time since all the good restaurants of the city will be singing love songs that might not be very comfortable for both of you.

Plan for an unconventional Valentine’s Day date:

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To avoid feeling uncomfortable by the hoards of couples in love on Valentine’s day, try to execute an unconventional date that will set you apart. Go to a museum or an art gallery, Plan for a picnic or attend a band together for a musical date evening. And if nothing suits your mood then see if there is any local bar or shisha lounge which is not crowded by valentine daters and enjoy a good meal together.

Keep your gestures and gifts simple:


Flowers and gifts are essential for first dates but they are also a standard of valentine gifts. So if you also decided to do so, then make it simple. A small packet of chocolates, a funny gift and a single flower make up for a great present that won’t freak your date out.

Go for a walking tour:

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First dates are all about getting to know each other well and walking tours are often an easy way to do so. You can pick any nearby park for your walking tour or go for an organised tour. Simply grab a cup of coffee and talk about each other likes and dislikes.

Do something you’d want to do on any date:

The first thing you should do is to limit your expectations. Don’t expect overly romantic gestures, flowers, candies, a candlelight dinner from your partner. Have drinks, dinner and do an activity, what you’d most probably do on a normal day and be in the present moment. You don’t want to force intimacy just because everyone around you is holding hands and making out.

So there you have it- first date Valentine’s day ideas. Not necessarily you will make a love connection for life long but you’ll definitely have fun in the process and that is really what it is all about.

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