5 Free Project Management Software To Keep Your Team On-Track



Businesses systematically manage projects to satisfy their customers. They have to deliver the product or service on time with a limited budget. No major business runs with just one client providing one project at a time. Companies have to juggle projects from varying clients with varying styles of operations, metrics to consider, and deadlines. Sometimes, the deadlines of two clients might overlap, or two different clients might require the same resource in hand at the same time. A good project manager should know how to allocate, delegate, and control the processes. Traditionally, the manager works through manual workflows and a lot of paperwork. Thankfully, we now have automated software solutions.

The best project management software caters to all types of businesses. It can assist small, medium, and large-scale industries with streamlined workflows. Moreover, the software automates various project management processes. They include planning, budgeting, resource allocation, team coordination, communication, documentation, and quality management.

Top 5 Software

Project software includes desktop, mobile, and web-based applications. Choose a feature-rich solution that assures customization, personalization, and scalability. The following five are top-notch options available in the market.

  1. Basecamp 


When it comes to teamwork and communications, Basecamp takes the cake. It helps teams stay on the same page and collaborate with high efficiency. It is ideal for all types of businesses across the industry verticals. 


It is not, however, the best solution for resource allocation or long-term scheduling. Otherwise, it offers a wide range of compelling features and reliable functions -


  • Teams can productively keep track of project priorities, and focus on actionable items.

  • Managers and employees can use calendars, due dates, file-sharing, and to-do lists.

  • The web-based software has friendly, intuitive interfaces to create projects.

  • Document progress and task management are accessible from mobile apps.

  • It is a scalable software with varying storage capacity and team sizes.


  1. Trello 


Trello is a flexible solution that offers enhanced user experience. It can make organized teamwork fun and enjoyable. The project manager can use the web-based software to inspire a team to give their best. The mobile-friendly corkboard organizes plans and projects into cards.


  • Teams co-ordinate better and work together to achieve pre-defined targets.

  • They can organize notes, tasks, projects, shared files, and documents with ease.

  • It integrates powerfully and seamlessly with Google Apps, Connect Slack, etc.,

  • The business class software is ideally suitable for SMEs and larger companies.

  • You can copy and customize templates to manage time and structure processes.

  1. Jira 

Jira facilitates agile project management processes with aplomb. The reliable tracking tool enhances team productivity and coordination. It is scalable to accommodate teams of any size. And the project managers can achieve successful outcomes through customized workflows.


  • It is a first-rate software for tracking bugs, identifying, and managing defects.

  • Managers and employees can create customizable dashboards and wallboards.

  • It can search and filter data with finesse and generate insightful, advanced reports.

  • The software also guarantees string security measures and ease of administration.

  • It supports users and groups with permission schemes and project roles.

  • The tool tracks and integrates issues and merges seamlessly with the source.

  • Agile users who work in software, IT, hospitality, healthcare, etc., can rely on it. 


  1. Asana 600

Asana is a powerful teamwork organizer, manager, and tracker, which simplifies team collaboration and ensures correct, convenient workflows. For the young teams, the Asana software is accessible as a web application and on the mobile phone and ats as a one-stop SaaS solution to manage team tasks.


  • It is a centralized system for organizing, storing, and accessing tasks.

  • The manager can assign work responsibly and promptly to assist the team.

  • It can help to monitor projects, track workflows, and manage interactions.

  • The software integrates well with email, calendar, and communication apps.

  • It has all the primary capabilities of customer relationship management(CRM) software.


  1. LiquidPlanner

Talented teams and proper planning are the secrets behind a successful project. And the managers extract maximum productivity from their workforce. They achieve this by depending on smart and intelligent software like LiquidPlanner.

  • The multi-faceted software has in-built support for collaboration.

  • Managers rely on it to efficiently prioritize the work schedules.

  • It offers superior time tracking to meet modern business challenges.

  • LiquidPlanner facilitates client sharing, workspace chat, and data storage.

  • The software's project analytics, reports, drag-and-drop features are excellent.

  • It ensures customizable workflows, shared dashboards, comments, and hashtags.

  • Managers can track budget and time, while teams collaborate contextually.