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5 Health Issues that Require Urgent Care over Emergency Care

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No matter how cautious and healthy one stays, medical mishaps do not send us a warning bell before popping up. But not all conditions which need immediate medical attention are the same. Some are life-threatening and need the serious attention of emergency care, while others can be solved with the prompt service of the urgent care medical office.

Emergency care is usually crowded and obviously a lot more expensive than urgent care that focuses on conditions that might not be life-threatening instantly but can get a lot more severe if left unattended. A lot of people often get perplexed about their condition and struggle to figure out where to head an emergency, or an urgent care facility. So, let’s discuss 5 common issues that can be treated with ease at Urgent Care Austell Rd.

  • Splinter Removal

A splinter is a sharp fragment that broke off of a wooden, metal or glass object. They can be microscopic or massive and everything in between. Splinters, thanks to their sharp, jagged edges, can lodge into the skin and flesh easily flowed by pain, inflammation, and bleeding. If not extracted completely immediately, it may lead to severe infection or allergies. One must restrain from using DIY in such a situation, which can cause the splinter to push further into the skin or even increase the chance of infections. Take the victim straight to urgent care.

  • A deep open Wound

Cuts are the cold and flu of the injury world. Everyone’s got it at some point in their life. It is the breaking of the external or internal tissues of the body, which is usually caused by a sharp object, falls, or accidents. The incident is followed by acute blood flow almost always. If the gash is deeper than half an inch and blood spurs out continuously even after 20 minutes after the incident, then rush the patient to urgent care immediately. If not attended immediately, a seemingly simple wound can result in fatal infections like lockjaw, Necrotizing fasciitis, and Cellulitis.

  • Bee Sting

One does not have to rush into the emergency medical facility with a bee sting, surprisingly, when they have a good urgent care facility nearby. A single sting is not much of trouble apart from causing severe pain and discomfort. However, depending on the species of bee and if the victim is allergic to the venom, then it can turn fatal quickly. If the victim develops severe skin reactions, breathing difficulty, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, dizziness or fainting, loss of consciousness, a weak, rapid pulse, then the urgent care facility is the way to rush.

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

We cannot stress enough on the importance of practicing protected sex. If things still got out of hand, then you need to visit urgent care without any hesitation immediately. The sexually transmitted disease usually declares its presence through unusual discharge from genitals, bleeding from the genitals, itchiness in the area, sudden pain during intercourse, sores, rashes and bumps in mouth, penis, vagina, anus, buttocks or thighs. Things can go from infection to much more life-threatening issues if not checked and treated immediately at urgent care.

  • Eye infections

If one feels redness in their eye for a consistent period of time, discharge from the eye, excessive itching, blurry vision, watery or dry eyes, swelling in or around the eyes, or light sensitivity, then it is time for a check and treatment at the urgent care. It could be a sign of an underlying eye infection which should be identified and treated immediately as soon as it pops up.

So, now that you know when to go to the urgent care for some of the most pressing and common issues, you do not have to play the guess game about whether to go the emergency or urgent care when they show up unannounced.

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