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5 Ideas for A Spectacular Office Floor Makeover

Floors are one of the most neglected parts of office decors. According to popular thoughts, a floor is what you walk and put your furniture on, so most of it always covered. But in reality, an office floor is much more than that. An office should be a combination of aesthetics with functionality that epitomizes your company's vision and complements the office theme.

Various factors need consideration to make an office floor a perfect blend of beauty with practicality. It includes the type of flooring, budget, design, aesthetics, traffic, and maintenance requirements. You need to go through all these factors to choose the best flooring for your house. Here are a few ideas for a spectacular office floor for your consideration.

1)      Achieve A Smoother Walk With Carpet Flooring

With carpet, you will walk on softer surfaces with less fatigue if your work requires you to be on your feet most of the workday. However, one thing you should specially consider with carpets is your bathroom's plumbing, whether it is attached or separate. An overflowing bathroom or leaking tap can ruin the carpet floor by penetrating the padding under it. Therefore always take a commercial water damage specialist onboard who recovers the property and essential equipment.

If you already have carpet flooring in your office with frequent plumbing issues, search for commercial water damage/plumbing advisors in your area. You can do so online by searching in the right keywords according to your location. In the results, you may find options like “click here to find a specialist" that will lead you to a specialist’s website.

2)      Combine Warmth, Beauty, And Durability With Tiled Flooring

The next suggestion is for tile flooring that offers an amalgamation of beauty with warmth, not to mention the floor's durability. Plus, they are easy to clean and are a long-lasting investment. Like any other flooring, they might also stain and get dirty with time, but any professional floor cleaner can remove the stains to make them new.

You can variety of tile designs in the market, giving you a vast range to choose from according to the room’s theme. However, tiled floors need extra care during the laying-down process. If they are laid improperly, they become uneven and or get cracked.

3)      Give A Home-Like Feeling To Your Office With Ingrained Resilient Planks

A trending office flooring design is to give a home-like feel to the office. The floors that display coziness and practicality are the primary choice for such a flooring design. One material extensively used for such a flooring layout is the ingrained resilient planks. The warm and inviting aesthetics of the wood exhibit calmness and luxury simultaneously. Such a design impacts employees by emanating a positive feel as it gives off a cozy feeling.

4)      Take Care Of Your Crowded Areas With Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floorings are ideal for crowded areas. They are also excellent when the budget is a primary factor for choosing the type of flooring. Plus, vinyl flooring is slip-resistant and scratch-resistant. There is an assortment of color, style, and design choices for such flooring, meaning that you can perfectly pair it with your office theme and décor.

5)      Care For The Environment And Install Bamboo Flooring

The use of bamboo is increasing exponentially. The reason is its eco-friendly nature as growing it requires no chemicals, and it is one of the fastest-growing crops. Bamboo flooring gives a luxurious flooring option with ease of installation. You can also refinish bamboo flooring as you would do with any hardwood flooring.

It maintains the beauty of its pattern and improves its longevity. A high-quality bamboo flooring is also substantially sturdier than other options. Thus, it also offers greater scratch resistance. Furthermore, if you select a strand-woven bamboo floor, the floor will be even tougher.

But like all other floors, bamboo is also not entirely scratch-proof. Therefore, the use of a wheeled office chair may create marks on the floor. If you add a clean chair mat underneath it, you can get rid of that issue.

Choosing the most suitable flooring is more than making a wild guess. It requires careful consideration of various factors. Most of you already know the importance of an impressive office facility to instill confidence in the client. The office décor is the first encounter with your potential client and part of image building. Not only that, but a pleasant and aesthetic environment also works wonders in helping the employees perform better.

So, when the time comes to give your office flooring a makeover to make positive changes in the building, make sure to consider the factors that are mentioned above. Doing so will help you avoid any disasters later on and will give you the perfect results right according to what you wanted.

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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