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5 Important Reasons Why Schools Require High-Security Fencing

When it comes to the most important institutions within a community, schools are high at the top. This means that schools, whether they are primary schools, high schools, colleges or universities, must be protected by strong and effective high-security fencing. Many security fencing contractors, state governments and principals in Australia work together in order to ensure that both teachers and their students are kept secure within the school grounds. 


So, check this out and learn why exactly having security fencing is so important for schools and what benefits can be installing a high-security fence provide.


  1. Decreases the risk of vandalism on the premises


One of the biggest advantages of installing a high-security fence is drastically reducing the risk of vandalism occurring within the school premises. Vandalism can be rampant in many different types of communities, typically committed by teenagers and other adolescents. 


Before school security fencing was taken much more seriously in Australia, it was common to have schools protected with small fences no more than a metre high. These small fences were extremely easy to scale, allowing unwanted intruders to break in and cause damage or graffiti a school’s outdoor facilities. 


However, there are now a variety of efficient security fencing solutions for schools such as a Palisade high-security fence. It features an intimidating pointed ‘W’ design on each fence pale, ensuring that would-be intruders instantly re-think any ideas of trying to breach the security fence. Due to its lack of footholds, Palisade security fencing is very difficult to climb and scale over. 


  1. Increases the level of safety for students and teachers


Not only does installing a high-security fence decrease the risk of vandalism but it also decreases the chance of trespassers entering the grounds during or outside of school hours. While many people would use schools as a form of a quick shortcut, there is still a risk of those trespassers posing a serious threat such as predatory adults, adolescents wanting to fight other students and even angry parents. 


By installing effective high-security fencing such as a welded mesh security fence, schools can ensure that teachers and students are kept safe from outside threats. Featuring a design with narrow apertures and a high-tensile wire construction, it is very difficult for would-be intruders to try and scale or cut through the fence. 


This is due to the tiny square design of welded mesh security fencing not providing enough space for hands and feet to get a secure footing or most cutting tools to fit into position. 


  1. An easy to maintain school security system


Installing a high-security fence made from quality materials results in a strong and durable school security system that is much easier to maintain than ordinary security fences. When it comes to Palisade fencing, many leading security gate and fencing manufacturers not only apply a galvanised coating but also apply an additional powder coat finish. 


This results in a strong high-security fence that is much more durable. It is more resistant to harsh weather conditions such as storms, strong winds, hail, high temperatures and rust corrosion. 


Palisade security fencing doesn’t require rigorous maintenance after it is installed. Although it can be a more expensive option in the beginning, schools save a lot of money on maintaining the security fence over the long-term. 


  1. Improved supervision of facilities and students


A high-security fence doesn’t just ensure that unwanted trespassers stay outside but also helps schools to manage the movement of students inside the premises. One of the biggest issues many schools face is having their students skip class and leave the grounds without permission. 


Having a high-security fencing system installed by a team of fencing specialists will ensure that a tailored security design is planned. They can make sure that the security fencing completely seals off any potential gaps in the perimeter and that there are only a couple of main entry and exit points. 


This makes it much easier for schools to keep track of the movements of their students coming in and out of the school grounds. The available entry/exit points can also be guarded by school staff and monitored with security cameras. 


  1. Gives peace of mind to parents and staff


The security and safety of students is a major priority for schools, especially parents. Knowing that the school is protected by an efficient high-security fence system gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children are in safe hands. The same goes for teachers and even students. Teachers can become more productive working in a safe environment and students can focus more on their studies. 

In summary

Apart from increased security, there are many reasons and advantages to having an effective high-security fencing system installed in schools across Australia. If you are thinking about upgrading your school’s security fencing, search online for a leading high-security gate and fencing manufacturer and discover how they can assist your needs today.

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