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5 important reasons why you need a checklist for your home renovation 

Home renovations may be stressful, but it doesn't mean you have to keep it that way until the end of your project. Above everything, you must always be ahead of the game to combat any renovation disaster. That said, a renovation checklist may come in handy.

Here are the essential reasons you should keep a checklist for your home renovation project.

1. To stay on track

You could use a checklist, assuming you are the type of person who can't start a task without listing all you need — may it be a grocery list or a to-do list for your kid's birthday party. Forgetting things is already a dilemma; imagine facing the same scenario in your home renovation.

Granted, you hire experts, including an architect, building designer, or engineer, but the purpose of a checklist remains the same.

Your team of providers can provide creative and artistic input to the whole project and oversee all aspects of the construction. On the other hand, a construction project manager can give you updates on your renovation, decide on your behalf, and keep you in the loop.

Having a list lets you know every progress of your project.

2.   To avoid unnecessary expenses.

Forgetting a single item might create a ripple effect or a disastrous chain reaction, creating more significant problems. Such issues are costly, and literally, there's no going back. When it comes to unexpected expenses, your hands are tied! One purpose of setting a budget beforehand is that you must stick to it.

It's one thing you can avoid by having a checklist. It doesn't matter if writing or preparing takes forever. Take your time.

Remember, a renovation project is successful with exhaustive research and careful planning. That's why your checklist must include everything starting from design and planning, preparation, and renovation. Know what you want, and work out appropriate costing. You may have to include the application for a permit, demolition, surveyor fees, furniture, décor and other splurges.

Work with draftsman for a detailed and comprehensive financial schedule. Additionally, prepare at least a 10%* contingency amount for unexpected costs or fees to avoid a budget blowout. After all, it's a budget you can afford.

3.  To keep up with the timeline

When a renovation project extends, expect equivalent costs. It's just fitting that even before you write down the contents of your list, you've already set a realistic deadline and budget. Both coexist in a renovation project.

Some projects extend because of unforeseen events like other portions of the house needing additional repairs. Consider conducting a complete home inspection as early as the planning phase to prepare for your home's current problems.

Tip: Consider the season for your timeline. If you're looking at an internal renovation, winter's the best time — the materials are cheap, and generally, it's off-season for renovations, and you won't find it hard to hire builders. For outdoor projects, conduct them during dry seasons (Summer to Autumn). This is to avoid freak accidents or other fortuitous events.

4.  To avoid miscommunication.

Your checklist includes the budget, quotes, and materials. Consider the contract period of your professionals, including the builders, electricians, plumbers, architects and designers and their specific tasks.

Keep a clear and detailed assignment or schedule sheet for each hired provider. Such is an easy way to point out if there are tasks that might coincide and to avoid confusion between the parties. Their specific tasks have to be clear so they know what to prioritise, especially in cases where a room might impact another.

Furthermore, a checklist allows you to plan. If you're doing a room renovation, you can occupy an available and vacant room within the house. Unless you're doing a full-blown renovation, you might want to rethink where you and your family can stay for a while.

5.  To seamlessly finish the renovation project

Despite hiring professionals to do the renovation project, it's still best that you are in control. It won't hurt if you do periodic inspections and ask questions along the stages of the renovation. A checklist can't just help you as a homeowner, but the ones involved in the work itself.

Final task

Aside from getting things done promptly, a checklist can free you from the worries of forgetting something and assure you that everything's accomplished. More than that, it improves the quality of work and productivity of your home renovation providers, leaving you satisfied with the result.

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