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5 Important Things Businesses Need To Know About Tax Breaks

Tax season can be tough for business owners if they do not possess the right knowledge. There are multiple tax benefits that you can seek from the tax break. You need to know such tax breaks to use it for your business benefit.   

In a Forbes report, it is clearly shown that if you fail to pay taxes to the government on time, the government can take drastic measures. In this regard, you need to understand the business taxation policies and its breakup. It will help you to get the tax benefit as per your budget and requirement.

5 Different Important Things Businesses Needs To Know About Tax Breaks 

You need to know several essential things about your businesses while you are searching for the tax benefits for your business. Therefore, let’s get into the details one after the other to understand it better. 

1. You Can Get Deductions Over Your Lunch Meetings

Most of the time, you can deduct 50% of the tax rate if you spend your money on lunch while holding the meetings at the time of your lunch. You can save up to $1000 a year if you spend money on bringing lunch in and out. As long as the dining expenses are reasonable, you can deduct 50% of your meal's taxation rate. Hence, you can save a lot if you keep your meal expenses affordable while you are working.  

2. You Can Use Your personal Cell Phones For Business Calls

You may spend 30000 minutes per year on your phone calls for your both business and personal reasons. You almost spend 60 minutes a day on your business calls. This means that you almost spend 15600 minutes a year on business calls. You can easily deduct 50% of your annual cell phone personal cost to meet your business expense. You can easily cut down your cost of cell phone cost by only using it for professional use, not for attending any personal calls from your business phone. If the IRS comes for audit, they will allow you to get 50% deduction on your phone call expenses. The reason is you have not wasted your resources.

3. You Can Deduct Your Health Care Premium

You can claim an income tax deduction for your health plan if you pay it from your pocket. You can claim those deductions for paying those premiums. Now for getting those claims for deductions of your premium for your health benefit, you must be a sole proprietor, partner, or shareholder of any company that owns 2% of that particular company's shares or the organization.  

4. You Must Manage Your Taxable Income

Your tax rate may vary or change as per your taxable income. The taxation variations may range up to 10%, depending on whether you are a company or a single owner. Now, suppose you are an LLC company, and your table income is $80000. In this scenario, if you buy office equipment worth $15000, then your taxable income will reduce down to $ 65000. Now, from the income bracket of $50000-$75000, you need to pay tax around 25%. From the income bracket of $ 75000-$100000, you need to pay 34% of the tax rate. Hence, with the change in your income amount, your tax rate will also change continuously. 

5. Deduct Your Travel Cost  

You can also enjoy a deduction on your traveling cost in the condition that you have used business money for traveling places for business affairs. Do not spend your traveling cost meeting your personal travel needs with the money on your business cost. This may increase the charge of taxation on your business. It would be best to make a judicious effort to reduce your expenses on the traveling cost to receive the government's tax benefit.


The money that you spend on your business must not be utilized for meeting your personal expenses. You can also go through the Gao Tax Law in Atlanta GA, to better understand the facts. It would be best if you reduced your unnecessary costs to receive the tax benefits from the government. The more cautious will be in your effort, the better it will be for your business. It would be best if you kept your calculations right.

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