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5 Innovative Approaches to Employee Training

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The effectiveness of employee training relies on a variety of factors, and one of the most important is the manner of delivery. In the past, the most popular practice is to have an in-person training program in a traditional classroom set-up. These days, there are more innovative approaches that are more promising in terms of effectiveness, including those we’ll briefly mention in this article.

Use E-Learning Software

With e-learning software, training materials are accessible anytime and anywhere. Whether it is in a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, among others, it allows easy access to the modules. More than accessibility, it is also great because it is engaging and entertaining. In most cases, it is broken down into small chunks and available in formats that can engage even people with short attention span.

While you have countless options for e-learning software to implement within the organization, one of the most promising is True Office Learning.

Implement the Concept of Gamification

Workplace gamification drives employee engagement. You can say the same thing when it comes to employee training programs. Gamification is a concept that excites and engages. Without this, the training program might end up being boring and ineffective. It makes the employees more competitive and motivates them to do better. Through gamification, rewards, challenges, and competitions are all inserted into the training program.

Practice Video Conferencing

Employee training can be conducted even through video conferencing. This is a great way to break geographical barriers, making it possible to train employees without being physically present. Even if the trainer is in a different country, video conferencing makes it possible to deliver the training material. This is also productive and good for the environment since there is no need to travel from one place to another, effectively cutting emissions, especially from air travel.

Adopt Virtual Reality

One of the latest trends in employee training is the use of virtual reality. It utilizes technology to make the training program more entertaining and engaging. Large global companies have already implemented radical measures to incorporate virtual reality in their training programs. Walmart, for instance, is using virtual reality to teach compliance and customer service to their employees.

Dividing Training Material into Smaller Portions

This is possible through a concept called microlearning. Traditionally, training is carried out in a long session while confined in a classroom setup. This can be ineffective and boring. As an alternative, microlearning divides the training module into portions that are easy to understand and digest. Most of the modules are only two to five minutes. They are available in different formats, including videos. It is perfect for those who have a short attention span. It is also great because of accessibility since the training modules can be accessed anytime and anywhere using any gadget.

Employee training experienced drastic changes in recent years. Traditionally, people are trained in a classroom setting. These days, training uses innovative approaches, such as e-learning software, gamification, and virtual reality, among others. 

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