5 Intriguing Facts About Mattresses We Bet You Don’t Know

facts about mattress

Mostly, mattresses are bought and forgot about. They are not considered something worth talking about. Why? Because you think they are quite uninteresting? Have you thought the other way around? Maybe you just don’t know much. Believe it or not, but when you buy mattress online, these facts will make you think and talk about them even if you think of them as of now just as a composition of springs and foam. Read on!

  • Most popular are the least liked ones-
    Mattresses that come with innerspring are quite popular as the estimated sales for them is 80% or more not less. Alas! They are always being regretted by buyers. The satisfaction level is the lowest for them.
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    On the other hand, people who buy foam and latex are more satisfied. , reportedly,79%. Maybe the next time you buy mattress online or offline, you can try foam and latex only.
  • Many micro-organisms are housed by your mattress-

A used mattress can hide in itself dust mites and living creatures in the blank spaces. You sleep with a lot of them daily. This is truer for more humid places. Besides this, pillows are also another favourite spots for them. Before you feel disgusted, let us clear they are harmless and if you want to minimise them, you can spray anti-bacterial spray or wash bedding and covers once in a week or two weeks.

  • Buying mattress on Sunday is Illegal in Washington-
    Even after being aware of the fact that weekends are the best time for people to buy a mattress and other stuff, Washington doesn’t give a heads up for it. Add the name of Television and meat on the list as well. The reason for the same is unknown but this has been cited.
  • Mattress in one popular lotting spot for thieves-
    Commoners have the habit of hiding money and storing other things inside or under the mattress. This is the reason, thieves check for pricey things and money here first. On a side note, if you do this, stop doing so now, as sleeping on money beneath your mattress is like giving an invitation to bad luck.
  • Shedding and sweating happens from your body all night-
    The skin regenerates itself at night and so the skin is shed by the body at night on bed and sweat and other fluids as well. As a matter of fact, on average, a little less or almost 1 litre is sweat by people at night. Try to buy a protective mattress cover as well when you plan to buy mattress online.
  • Not so tidy bed is healthier-

This can light up your mood and give you reasons good enough to tell your mom or partner that this is why you don’t make the bed. According to Kingston University, undone bed are healthier as the sheets are more exposed to sun, light and thus the dust and sweat can be get rid of this way.

Don’t hesitate to share any other fact you know of, with us by leaving a comment below!

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