Australia, for its iconic sand and sunshine, is a major destination for backpackers across the world. Most of these backpacking travelers are young, agile, and attracted to the promise of casual jobs while exploring the adventurous land down-under. You'd agree, as a backpacker or prospective backpacker, that it is an exciting thing to have a source of income while enjoying your time in a place far from home.

Speaking of jobs, you can get jobs ranging from plumbing to being a shop attendant. We have, however, researched on the best 5 jobs perfect for you as a backpacker in Australia. So, if you're want to make extra cash as well as gain a lifetime experience while exploring a culturally-rich country, we wrote this for you. We have grouped them into sub-sectors in the economy. Let's get started.


Retail job is one of the most popular posts open to backpackers in Australia. Not only is it available throughout the year to backpackers, but it also encompasses a lot of jobs. From everyday shop cashiers to a salesperson, you could work in almost any retail shop anywhere in Australia. Better still, you rarely require years of experience or a form of certification to sign up. Most of the time, you will receive on-the-job training on employment. A retail job helps you to relate directly with natives and build your customer service skills. Whether you sign up during the festive seasons or on a regular day, you can secure a decent paying job from working at the boutique to an electronic store. Talk about an adventure with privileges!


This doesn't sound like much of a task. Does it? Well, I'm sure backpackers who have worked this job would agree with you. Hospitality jobs are one of the best jobs that put you at the forefront of an exhilarating experience. If you plan to make your journey to Australia during the festive seasons, then your chances of a high paying job just doubled! Due to its magnificent scenery and tourist attractions, Australia experiences a grand share of visits from both domestic and international travelers. From bartenders and waiters to chauffeur and housekeepers, you get to relate directly with both native and foreign people from all walks of life. Tourist centers like Darwin and Sydney attract lots of tourists all year round; this would be a perfect place to source for jobs as a backpacker in Australia.


One beautiful thing about farm work in Australia is that it has lots of open spots for backpackers. From fruit picking to other regular agricultural roles, you can earn an average income of $20 to $25 little to no experience. Farm work is available all over the country at different seasons. You can get farm jobs in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, and South Wales.

Working in agriculture in Australia has an exciting part to it. Much more than enjoying beautiful scenery while ticking off your work on the farm, farm work is essential if you're staying a second year in the country. So, if you know you'll be staying longer, it is best to start the compulsory 88 days journey of farm work in your first year.


These employment opportunities are open to areas like Brisbane, Sydney, and some other more developed parts of Australia. If you love the organized life with standard working hours, then opting for the post of a receptionist or an administrator is a top choice. Just like most jobs, if not all on this list, you do not need working experience to apply. However, the experience is always a plus for employment from your employee's perspective. Basic skills like Excel and Powerpoint are needed because of the nature of this job. If you have all these in the bag, then securing a job in this area should be a piece of cake.


Australia is fast growing with construction works going on all over the county, especially during summer periods. This opportunity can be split into two sides: construction and labor. The former typically requires a certain level of work experience, unlike other listed jobs, while labor jobs are rather open to everyone and anyone. These types of jobs are more prevalent in the metropolitan areas of the country like Perth and Brisbane. Sydney and Melbourne also have a high number of construction jobs. From landscaping to clearing of sites, construction and labor jobs are one of the few jobs that pay above the minimum wage.

Now that you know the best available jobs for you, get your backpack ready, and don't forget the necessary documents. Enjoy a happy working holiday!

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