5 Key Results of Effective Leaflet Distribution


A lot of UK business owners think that leaflet distribution in London is a waste of money and time. In busy places like London, we often think that leaflets will be discarded as soon as they get put through the door. The medium of leaflet delivery can be thought of as slightly spammy. This conjures up the thought of piles of leaflets left on doorsteps that will just end up in the bin. 

However, there are some really key benefits and results from leaflet distribution in London. So many businesses are overlooking these results, leading to fewer leaflets being delivered. But it’s actually still a very effective way to market a business. 

A huge part of the lack of leaflet distribution is because of the digital era. Businesses focus all of their money and time into online marketing and advertising, using every digital medium available to them. Online ads are now everywhere you look, even appearing as banners and pop-ups on our social media feeds. Because of this, it’s led to a certain amount of advert blindness, with potential customers simply overlooking the majority of online ads they see online. 

Now where does leaflet distribution in London come in to play? It’s much harder to ignore a leaflet that online adverts. As a result of this, leaflet distribution is now one of the most effective marketing channels to use in cities like London. 

Leaflets are performing so well because they’re reaching your target audience within their own home, without the need for cold-calling or expensive TV adverts. The recipient of your leaflet won’t look until they want to, meaning they will much more likely to be in a receptive mood. A leaflet also has the benefit of being tactile, meaning your recipients can hold it in their hands, attracting attention and being more memorable. 

5 Key Results

Are you convinced that leaflets can make a big difference to how your business is performing? Take a look at five key results below that have been taken across a broad range of UK households. 

•       Most leaflets are saved and used later. Nearly 50% of houses in the UK save leaflets for later, pinning them on the fridge or putting them away in drawers. 
•       Leaflets are more trustworthy. 43% of adults in the UK trust leaflets more than any other advertising medium. 
•       Leaflets are more memorable. 87% of people remember leaflets compared to 35% who remember emails. 
•       Leaflets get a better response. 79% of people react immediately to direct mail. 
•       Leaflets are popular. 93% of customers of businesses who use leaflets like getting information through the door about offers and products. 

Leaflets Are Effective 

Using leaflets is also cost-effective. Creating 5000 leaflets can cost as little as £195, making it around 4p per leaflet. Advertising online is actually very expensive. Every click your website gets can cost you several pounds to generate. With leaflets performing so well in the digital era, now is the time to try out whether leaflet distribution can help your business. Not only will you see your profits grow, you can also help your business to develop more old-school ways of marketing that are still just as effective today.