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5 Killer Tips On How To Prepare Your Monster for A Dragstrip

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Preparing your four-wheeled beast for a thrilling dragstrip?

That sounds hot and exciting. But do you know about everything that needs to be taken care of?

Well, preparing your car for a highly competitive drag race can be a task. You may not know your competitors and are supposed to bring out the best of your ride. Intense!

But hey, don’t worry. We have your back. In this post, you will read about 5 killer tips on how you can prepare your monster for having one of the most exciting dragstrips of your life.

1. Start With The Inspection Rules

The first most important thing to keep in mind while prepping your car for a drag race — following the inspection rules.

Even though you may generally think that your car is 100% ready for competing in the eighth-mile, your ride will still have to pass a mandatory inspection test.

So, have a word with the hosting authorities and equip yourself with details about the required standards. This will enable you to set up your ride, so it’s in compliance with the inspection rules.

2. Get Rid of Unnecessary Weight

Something that many others would have told you earlier, it’s super important to get rid of the unnecessary baggage that is attached to or kept inside your car.

Any luggage. Bags. Extra seats. Unnecessary, detachable body parts. All of it. Even extra fuel.

You must make sure you have gotten rid of all these extra(s) before you hit the race track.

A drag race tests the torque and HP of your car, which is best delivered with a light body. We bet you don’t want to risk that, so, do yourself a favour, shed as much weight as you can.

3. Change Engine Fluids

As a car enthusiast, you would know how important it is to take care of your engine fluids.

Engine oil. Coolant. Brake oil. All of these are essential for the good health of your car. And when we talk about a drag race, we know there’s going to be some severe combustion inside your ride.

In situations like these, your car will need to have new engine oil, brake oil and coolant. So, take care of that pal.

4. If You Can, Get Your Fuel Injector Tested

Another essential part of your car you need to pay attention to is the fuel injector.

You may already know how any leakages in your ride’s fuel injector can turn your car inefficient and hinder power delivery, also affecting your engine at the same time.

This will be bad in all cases. So, don’t take a risk. Look for a mechanic who has a fuel injector apparatus installed in their workshop and get your car’s fuel injector tested, and repaired or replaced (as required).

5. Another Test - Spark Plugs

Do you know the disadvantages of having a low-quality spark plug? While the age difference may not be much, when you plan on hitting the dragstrip, you should be equipped with the best bosch iridium spark plugs.

Also, you must check whether the spark plug gap in your vehicle is correctly spaced.

Note that any problems regarding spark plug and its fitting assembly may result in misfires which will directly affect your ride’s performance.

So, get your spark plugs tested and replaced (if required) with something as good as champion spark plugs.

Final words

As you sign yourself up for a drag race, you’d surely be very excited. We know the feeling. And we want you to give your best shot. So, here we tried to share some useful information about how you can optimally prepare your car for your next dragstrip.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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