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5 Lead Business Technology Trends in 2019

New technology is always driving changes in the business industry. Technology also drives new trends on the market that influences consumer behavior in many ways. In other words, new technology disrupts industries and forces them to adapt, in order to improve their efficiency and overall performance. Companies are constantly on a lookout for technological trends that will have an impact on their business.

In addition, companies that are the first to adopt new technologies have the potential to outrun their competitors on the market and remain relevant to their target audience. Nowadays, technology is experiencing vast changes and it's progressing at a fast rate. These innovations give birth to new business models and approaches that can easily revolutionize not just industries that adopt them but the entire market landscape as well.

Not only that, but consumers prefer to adapt to new technologies. They shift their purchasing decisions and overall behavior based on the technology they're using while businesses must adapt quickly, in order to meet the new demand expectations and consumer needs. That being said, here are a few leading business technology trends in 2019.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is probably the most disruptive technology currently on the market. Although still in a development stage, AI has already made an impact on the several industries and it's already becoming implemented by various companies. AI's natural language recognition, machine learning and deep learning capabilities are not just beneficial to businesses but also revolutionary. More and more businesses will start to adopt AI technology for its true potential.

For instance, AI can be used to collect and analyze big data. It's machine learning capabilities will enable businesses to conduct advanced analytics, data preparation, information segmentation, content development and many more business processes. This information can be used to develop marketing campaigns, business predictions, insight generation and so on. It's safe to say that AI is the next logical step in business growth and development.


Chatbots are computer programs that are powered by AI technology. They are also pioneers in the adoption of AI technology in various companies. Chatbots have a vast potential to improve business efficiency in both customer relationships and business operations. Nowadays, even consumers, especially millennials, prefer to interact with companies via chatbots on messaging apps. This trend will surely become more widely adopted by companies of all sizes due to their numerous benefits. Chatbots can provide customers with seamless customer service and support.

What's more, they can operate 24/7 and can engage multiple customers at the same time. This can greatly reduce operational costs for labour in the customer service sector and allow business to grow their consumer base without any difficulties. Furthermore, chatbots can provide businesses with valuable information regarding consumers that will help them develop new campaigns, promotions and personalized offers.

Modern business environment

The business landscape is also changing thanks to modern technology. Nowadays, modern business environments are nothing as they were before. Today, businesses leverage cloud-based solutions, paperless offices and remote work among other things. This trend is most likely to continue on while also continuing to re-shape offices and work environments. What's more, businesses that are in the process of modernizing their offices will need to leverage technology, in order to move forward.

There are service providers that can provide companies with the telecommunicating infrastructure required for various business operations. Also useful are cloud services since cloud computing continues to evolve and provide businesses with numerous benefits. Nowadays, companies can subscribe to software services, platforms and even leverage external hardware resources. That being said, cloud-based solutions will become an integral part of every modern business environment.

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Blockchain technology

Whit the emergence of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, the world was also introduced to the blockchain technology. Blockchain was presented as a decentralized public ledger designed to store transactions and information about those transactions. Nowadays, experts suggest that this technology can be widely used by companies and enterprises alike. However, the blockchain technology is still not adequately explored and there's a shortage of people with the right skills and knowledge to operate, as well as implement this technology in other processes and operations.  

Blockchain technology can be used by companies to streamline communications, supply chains and traditional business channels. Current blockchain concepts are still undeveloped and are yet to be tested in mission-critical business operations. But, that doesn't mean that companies should be discouraged from experimenting with this technology. In the future, blockchain might experience mainstream adoption across various industries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Today we live in the age of improved and increased connectivity. The number of smart devices has increased and it continues to do so. The demand for smart and IoT devices form both consumers and companies is also on the rise. In fact, it's estimated that there'll be over 20.4 billion IoT devices by 2020. For consumers, there's a benefit of improved convenience originating from IoT technology. On the other hand, businesses can leverage IoT technology to improve business processes and expand their reach on the market.

For instance, businesses can communicate with IoT devices that can also communicate with other devices. This new information can help companies improve their performance tenfold. Not only that but the newest trend surrounding IoT technology is co-economy. This new business model portrays the benefit of partnerships between businesses that leverage IoT devices, in order to develop new and improved customer-centric solutions. This trend has the potential to reshape the business industry and customer experience as we know it.


Technology continues to evolve and produce new trends that are affecting companies of all sizes. Whenever there's a new technology on the market, it's bound to disrupt the way many industries operate. The future looks bright from technological advancements point of view but it remains to be seen how businesses will adapt to these changes.

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