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5 Major Benefits of Starting a Business While You're Still in College

Major Benefits of Starting a Business

Tuition rates alone have increased by 79-percent in the last ten years. Add this to the cost of textbooks, room & board, insurance and phone costs and a college student is already lost in debt by their freshman year of Northeastern's online masters in taxation.

So many college students are required to get a job to aid in their costs, but many don't consider the idea of actually starting a business. Why not? Here are a few benefits that might persuade a college student to put their skills to the test in their dorm room a la Mark Zuckerberg style.

Master Time Management

The constant balancing act that college students already have to perform on a daily basis is impressive: juggling multi-level courses, a social life, healthy lifestyle and general surviving can already seem like too much. So what happens when you add "start a business" to that list?

The ultimate test in time management.

It definitely won't be easy and at times you may want to throw in the towel in favor of sleep and tossing back a few drinks with friends. But trust us, time management is one of the most important life skills you will ever learn.

Free Advice from Professionals

There isn't another time in your life when you will have as much free and accessible advice as you do when you are in college. Professors are literally begging to help their students succeed, whether that be with course work or extra-curricular activities and interests. Also, while in college, you have access to all of the departments such as finance, accounting, management, legal, marketing and much more. All of this is accessible in one place with patient and caring advisors.

Technology at Your Fingertips

There are a lot of expenses that go into starting a business including proper office equipment such as scanners, computers, printers and reliable WiFi. But when you are in college, all of this is available to you FOR FREE. Granted, it did come out of your tuition fees, but you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck!

Also, be sure to become best friends with the IT Department - they will have all the secrets to securing the best technology in the place.

Cheap Labor

Being surrounded by college students looking to make a few extra dollars is a true blessing when it comes to starting a business. Not only will you receive eager students looking for internship credit but you will be able to work alongside peers who still believe in trying new things or creating something just for the experience. Work in tandem with the college career center to recruit some of the best minds on campus and see what you can build.

Companies will be Impressed

One of the main goals of going to college is to secure a high-paying and fulfilling job. By developing your resume early on, companies are more likely to hire you. These employers will also be extremely impressed by your drive and willingness to work hard. Even if your company fails miserably, you will be able to tell future employers about the lessons you learned and how you would change things for the better. Any employer can appreciate someone who is willing to learn from their mistakes and move on productively.

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