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5 marketing tips for 2020 and beyond

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Marketing tips and trends keep changing from year to year. However, regardless of whether it’s marketing tips for 2020 or it’s marketing tips for 2021, the endgame is the same - be present, be accountable and be simple.

As plans for the New Year 2020 Party are being drawn up, it’s critical for marketing professionals to ask what are the 5 marketing tips for 2020 and beyond.

How can you keep winning the marketing war in 2020 and the years to come?

The basics of 2020 marketing tips

Whether it’s 1920 or it’s 2020, the basics of marketing remain the same:

  • Be present when the prospective customer shows interest
  • Be accountable for your product or service
  • Make the process simple. Remember, the moment a customer gets bored, they’ll hit the ‘back’ button and leave

Search engine optimization

If you thought 2019 SEO was difficult, wait till you hear about ‘zero click results’!

What are zero click results?

Google ‘investment options for 2020’.


See how results are dragged onto the SERP itself by Google?

That’s the zero-click result. It’s available on the SERP itself so you can see the result without clicking on anything.

Google drags information from the best, most popular results right onto its SERP, giving that website extra credibility.

You’ll have to start aiming to be featured in zero-click results to stay on top of SEO and SERP’s, moving forward.

Voice search engine optimization

Instead of typing ‘best escape room in Orange County’, people are just asking Google ‘what’s the best OC escape room?’.

And Google gives an audio reply.

These voice search results are getting more and more accurate, which means more and more people are going to do this, moving forward.

You need to tailor your content so Google understands it to be a suitable answer for the more informal voice queries, as opposed to more formal written searches.

Also, Google only tells you the top SERP result in voice searches, so SEO becomes even more important.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques out there, from the point of view of ROI.

With all the investments you’re going to have to make in SEO and VSEO, email marketing can be your basic workhorse that’s relatively easy to implement and brings in a lot of bang for the buck.

Micro-moments marketing

Google has identified moments when people make ‘I want to buy’ or ‘I want to know’ searches as very narrow windows of opportunity, a.k.a. ‘Micro-moments’ when people are very likely to hit ‘buy’.

So, you need to tailor your content to capture searchers in these so-called ‘micro-moments’.

One very important point here is to be accountable for the claims you make about your products.

image 1

Look at the homepage of the website of an Orange County escape room.

See how they’ve got a box flashing online reviews at the bottom left hand corner?

That will go a long way towards convincing someone searching for an escape room or a team building opportunity that this particular escape room is the real deal.

Apps marketing

Apps are going to become more and more important as our lives shift increasingly online.

2020 might be a good year to look into app development and marketing for your company.

That’s because apps, while popular, are not ubiquitous yet, and you still have the time to develop an app that’s simple, useful and properly represents your brand.

So, the 2020 marketing tips

That will help you remain on top of digital marketing in 2020 and beyond are

  • Search engine optimization
  • Voice search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Micro-moments marketing
  • Apps marketing
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