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5 Mind-blowing Digital Marketing Trends Every One Should Know

5 Mind blowing Digital Marketing Trends Every One Should Know

Over the last two decades, technology has drastically changed. Altering every aspect of our lives; ranging from how we communicate with our friends and family, to the way we shop even the basic grocery products.

Digital marketing is no exception. While effective advertising and executed marketing campaigns remain essential, the approaches, channels, and digital marketing techniques are shaking things up. If you need guidance a professional internet marketing consultant can help.

Further, as the new digital marketing trends take over the marketing world, many businesses are moving fast and continually gaining more customers and growing their profits while others are left behind tongues wagging.

In this article, we will look at the top five trends that you should know to have you stay ahead of the pack.

1. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is putting lots of weight in the marketing world today and can't go unnoticed.
Talk of customer segmentation, push notification, retargeting, click tracking, personalized marketing, you name it, AI is giving all in an infinite combination of possibilities.

The online survey by Forrester’s Global State of Artificial Intelligence shows that a whopping 57% of businesses today are using AI to better their customer support and experience.

Therefore, if you’re not collaborating with digital marketing teams to leverage the power of AI, you’re lagging.

2. Chatbot Use
Certainly, you have logged in to a particular website while on the hunt for some information, and as you navigate over the page, a text chat window popped up, “I’m so and so how can I help you?” Well, potentially there was no human you chatted with, but a Chatbot.

You too should consider installing a Chatbot on your website, to help you interact with your visitor in real time.
Today, Chatbots can engage in a basic conversation with your website visitors and answer some of the frequently asked questions just like human representative would.

Besides, Chatbot is more time-convenient and cheaper compared to human customer support.

3. Modern Email Automation
The email has been at the core of our communication for many years now; however, several changes and tools have been incorporated to better the consumer service.

The key tool being personalization.

With personalization, business owners can pass different emails to different subscribers based on their interest and the content. Besides, customization is not only applicable to emailing but also to your marketing efforts.

That’s not all; marketing automation is a feature that brings you closer to having happier consumers. It ensures minimal errors, increases collaboration with your customers and above all saves you precious time.

4. Progressive Power Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Undoubtedly, search engines are the key drivers of traffic to any website. About 60% of these search traffic on Google is through mobile devices.

It is crucial for you to understand that as load time increase in your website, bounce rate increases and subsequently google ranking lowers.

With more than four million AWP, it is of utmost importance to boost AMP and PWA for faster load time in your website. This will have you leverage the power of digital marketing and lower the marketing cost.

5. Voice Search
With the advancement of voice recognition technology, voice search is tremendously rising in popularity.
Top brands have integrated the feature and customers are eager and happily making orders, searches and asking questions using their phones at the comfort of their homes.

This trend is wheeling the marketing world simply because, it is easier and faster to talk than to write, and even safer especially for those on the move.

It is worth investing in your website for optimizing mobile and voice search to remain at the top of the game especially with this fast-paced generation.

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