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5 Mistakes You Don't Notice When Moving By Yourself

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Moving out means that you get to start a new life and enjoy new experiences. However, the moving day is often a very stressful day, especially if you decided to move on your own. Of course, moving on your own is a lot cheaper than hiring professionals to help you, but sometimes it will cause a lot more stress.

Here, you get to see the five most common mistakes people tend to make when moving alone. In case you do not want to go through the stress of moving alone, you can simply check out the best removalists Sydney or search for a moving company locally. Sometimes it is much easier and cheaper to hire professionals than to have a DIY project; but this all depends on each individual’s case.

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Having a DIY move can be very stressful 

1. DIY moves are not always cheaper

Although, logically speaking, DIY moves should be cheaper… that is not always the case. Many home movers will already have an organizing system that works, and thus have everything done in the shortest time possible. However, unless you are moving long distance, just hiring professional movers is much cheaper and probably easier. 

2. Moving takes time

Another common mistake for DIY movers is time. It will take time for you to actually move out, and that does not only apply to the actual moving day. You need to start packing on time. This means that if you live in a bigger house, packing a week before the move is a good idea. Do not leave the packing for the last day, as you might end up forgetting things. 

3. Renting the wrong moving truck

Do not underestimate the size of your furniture. A lot of times, people will rent out the wrong-sized truck, and end up having to go back for seconds. It is important that you know the right size of the truck that you will need, because taking multiple trips for stuff will cost you more.  

4. Moving trucks are different from cars

Not everyone is allowed to drive a truck. You need to have an actual license that allows you to drive trucks, otherwise you will have to hire a professional driver anyway. In this case, it is much cheaper to hire an overall moving company instead. The moving company can also take care of the packing, loading and unloading process for you.

5. Having the right boxes…

Not all boxes are good for moving, and a lot of times people end up having their stuff damaged. You need to find sturdy boxes that are made for moving. In addition, you should have all the stuff necessary for moving prepared too. 

When you pack make sure that you pack by rooms, as that is much easier to unpack later. There should be a box set aside for all of the essentials, like your toothbrush, hairdryer, towels, and just things that you use on a day-to-day basis. This way, you will not have to go through all the boxes or unpack immediately, as you will have all the essentials set aside. 

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Hiring professionals might just be easier and sometimes even cheaper

Final word


Whether you want to have a DIY move or not, you need to consider all the options. Sometimes a DIY move will pass without a stress, other times it is much easier to hire professionals. This all depends on the size of your move and how experienced you are with packing!

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