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5 Modern Facts About Big Data

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Have you ever heard of big data? The term “big data” refers to the large amount of information that is collected online. This type of data can be anything from cat videos to what companies send and receive every day. There’s so much information that most types of software can’t process it. However, this field of information has become useful for large companies, allowing them to use enormous amounts of data like no one has used before.

What Exactly Is Big Data?


There are 3 “v’s” that are acknowledged when it comes to big data: volume, velocity and variety. All three are needed to correctly measure and understand that data is processed. The ability to contain all this data makes things run faster and solves difficult solutions due to the amount of information you already have.


Companies such as Facebook and Youtube use big data to store information and content. Many companies study customer usage patterns by gathering data each time someone uses their device. The influx of information has never been greater or more useful than it has today.


But how is big data used? With the help of data cleaning, data scrubbing and other advanced software, companies can sift through information that is most beneficial to them. Depending on the data that is gathered, companies can create better products, marketing strategies and services for customers. Data is even used to benefit law enforcement by helping them improve security and prevent criminal activity.


Big data is fascinating, and it is evolving every year. Here are five facts about this useful field.

1. The World Creates More Information in Two Days Than It Has Since the Beginning of Time


Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, gave a statement in 2010 explaining the vast amount of information being processed each day. All the data gathered between 2003 and the beginning of civilization is created today in two days. While that may seem hard to believe, millions of people send and receive data every day. That begins to add up.

2. Machine Learning Is Rapidly Improving


Who said a robot can’t learn through experience? Machine learning is when an algorithm constantly improves through experience. The algorithms build off of what data they have already gathered and begin to predict or make decisions on their own. Computers are becoming faster and more efficient at analyzing data, even better than trained analysts and experts.

3. Over 2.5 Quintillion Bytes of Data Were Collected Every Day in 2018


Everything that is done on a phone or laptop is gathered and stored. Along with the millions of pictures, videos and messages sent each day, the total amount of data is stunningly huge. Just imagine how much more data is being used this year as online usage continues to increase.

4. Google Gets Over 40 Thousand Search Queries Per Second


Without the data centers and software available today, Google would not be the same. Now with millions of people searching for almost anything online, Google has become the center of questions. Processing the 3.5 billion search queries a day would be impossible without big data technologies.

5. Almost 1/3 of All Data Goes Through the Cloud


Cloud computing is the new way to store data. By storing information online rather than on a hard drive, anyone with internet access can get to their files. The name “cloud” comes from a cloud symbol that is often used to represent the internet. Data centers use hundreds of systems to intercept this information, store it and send it when requested. These efficient centers make it possible to find data in a matter of seconds.


With the help of big data, the world is a different place than it was twenty years ago. Not only do we use the internet daily, but it has become a resource for many things. It can store information, answer questions and track data. The vast amount of information that companies can now access can improve business to a whole new level.

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