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5 Most Common Types of Personal Injuries

If someone else’s negligence and carelessness have caused you harm, personal injury claims are filed in those situations. You need to prove the defendant is accountable for your injuries and other emotional and financial damages.  So when you’re ready to file the personal injury claim, you should know the type of claim you will pursue to get compensation. Considerably, auto accidents are the most common types of personal injury cases that an auto accident lawyer Sacramento typically helps with; however, there are other personal injury claims that cover the personal injury section.  

Here are 5 common personal injuries claims people pursue to receive compensation: 

      Auto accidents

As a most common type of personal injury claim, auto, and vehicle accidents can cause people to suffer from minor to severe injuries. Drunk driving is the most common reason for automobile accidents all over the world.


Here are some of the common negligence behaviors shown by other drivers that could lead to accidents, leading to injuries to another person, or even death.  

       Being under the influence of alcohol and drugs,

       Driving while using mobile


       Crossing red lights

       Violation of traffic rules

       Rash and aggressive driving 

If you have suffered harm due to this type of case, you can pursue a personal injury claim Motobike, bicycle, car, and truck accidents fall into the auto accident area. It’s intelligent to hire a lawyer as they can expertly help you with getting the compensation you deserve for your case. So, if you have suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, reaching to Sacramento bicycle accident lawyer is very useful and helpful for your case. 

      Injuries from dog bites

Dog bites can leave people with serious injuries and or even permanent scars. On top of it, there could be expensive medical bills to pay as a result of severe injuries and ongoing medical treatment. In some states, dog owners are legally responsible for the injuries suffered and also the bite from their dogs. So, if a dog has bitten you, you may be entitled to recover the compensation for your medical bills, injuries, wage loss, disfigurement, and emotional damage. We recommend reaching to an experienced and renowned personal injury attorney Sacramento for legal help and receiving compensation.


      Product liability

Product liability is a case where a manufacturer, or retailer, or seller is liable for the defective products given to a consumer’s hands. Product liability cases depend on state laws. Under this lawsuit, the manufacturer, distributors, or seller will be liable for the injuries suffered by a consumer while using any defective products that were sold to the consumer.  

Here are three types of product defects that can be pursued for product liability claims: 

       Design defects

       Marketing defects

       Manufacturing defects 

      Slip & Fall Personal Injuries

Slip and fall injury cases refer to the harm that was suffered on public property, sidewalks, private premises, and stores owned by someone.  Being a property owner, you are liable for maintaining a safe environment. So, if the property owner was negligent in maintaining the property, the case comes under premises liability claim and you can sue the property owner.


      Medical Malpractice

Carelessness of nurses, doctors and other medical practitioners can causes some serious injuries. The different types of medical malpractices are wrong treatment, surgical issues, wrong diagnosis, pharmacy mistakes and many more. If you lost your loved once by the negligence of any medical practitioner you can take legal action against those hospital, doctor or nurse to  compensate your loss and injuries.

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