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5 Need-to-Know Tips for Renovating Your Business

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Although you might have thought of opening a new storefront location for your business on a whim, the task of planning a renovation won’t be spontaneous. 

Indeed, you’ll need to consider all the elements of the renovation process. To get you started, you’ll want to sit down and take some detailed notes. Here are a few tips when planning a business renovation.

1. Set a Budget

First, list everything necessary for your project. Your list will need to include material costs and permits (check with your county or city), as well as any estimated contractor fees. That way, if you need to hire any specialty crews like plumbers or electricians, doing so will help ensure a smooth project with fewer hiccups along the way.

When your list is finished, re-examine it to see if there are areas where you can save money. Additionally, consider how the improvements will help your business grow. Will a fresh look create a more welcoming atmosphere for customers visiting your business? If you're on a strict budget, you need to consider what areas will have the most lasting impact on your profitability.

2. Establish a Timeline

Of course, you need to know how long your renovation project will last, particularly as you learn to deal with any prolonged but temporary noise and other disruptions. To that end, can you schedule any of the renovations after hours or during less busy times of your day? How will the renovation influence customer traffic in your business? Setting a timeline not only will help keep the renovation on schedule and better organized but will also alleviate any unnecessary frustrations for you and your team.

3. Alert Your Customers

Show enthusiasm for your renovations by letting your customers know about your plans. You might want to consider doing something fun like having a contest where the customers submit their ideas for the picture that will go over the receptionist’s desk in the lobby. If you're willing to include your customers in this way, it will no doubt be a fun marketing tool to promote your new office or business renovation. When the renovations have been completed, consider hosting an open house, where you can reveal your winner for the picture selection by giving them a gift card or discounted service.

4. Keep Your Employees in the Loop

Extra noise and traffic through the building will no doubt be a slight inconvenience for your team. If you're able, relocate staff members to an on-site temporary office space to ensure a quiet work environment. Be sure to keep your team informed of the renovation process, such as end dates, progress being made, what changes to expect, and how the end result will affect their work environment. Hopefully, your employees will be as excited about the changes as you are. Consider rewarding them for their patience with a catered breakfast or lunch after the renovation is complete. They will appreciate it, and it’s a great way to boost morale.

5. Be Prepared for Delays

You’ve heard it before: “Even the best-laid plans can go awry.” But don’t panic if they do. Instead, be prepared for delays and have one or several backup plans in place. You'll also want to keep your customers informed and your employees motivated and aware of any obstacles. Construction schedules are notorious for constantly changing. If you’re lucky, and your renovation project goes off without a hitch, you’ll probably want to pop open a bottle of champagne and shake hands with the workers who made it happen.

Ultimately, It's All About Being Strategic in Your Plans

Consider these and other tips before starting a business renovation. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you devise a strategic plan that’s well organized. In the end, you’ll enjoy a newly renovated business, and that’s worth celebrating. Cheers!

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