5 Of The Most Popular Destinations For Expats


When you are moving abroad, there is plenty for you to consider. The move is likely to affect your daily life and have an impact on your family and there are also other things to be concerned about: will the health care meet your needs? What does this mean for your finances? 

But, if you are tired of your job or are just looking for a new environment to explore, then there are plenty of reasons why moving abroad may be for the best. Sure, this is an overwhelming decision to make, but choosing somewhere to relocate to doesn’t need to be. There are over 22,000 expats located all over the world, so there’s bound to be some positives to moving abroad! Here are 5 of the most popular destinations for expats for you to consider.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is one of the most popular destinations for younger expats who are attracted to the high-paying jobs and warm weather. The wealthy country typically provides expats with good working environments and accommodation and with 0% tax on income, young business workers are finding they can get more for their money there than they can at home. In a recent study, 67% of expats said that they had seen a 40% increase in their income since moving to the UAE.  Only 11% of those who live in the United Arab Emirates are nationals, so it is fair to say that it is a huge appeal for those wanting to experience work life outside of the UK. 


If you’re making the decision to move overseas, then there is far more to consider than just career prospects, especially if you are planning on relocating with your family. There are both psychological and emotional ramifications when you are relocating with family and young children, but Sweden is well-known for its efficient child-care and school system. Around 70% of expats who live in Sweden with their family believe it is cheaper to raise their children there than at home. Whilst the weather can be harsh, Sweden is one of the best expat destinations for those with young children and offers one of the highest percentages of job security in Europe. 


In comparison with the US, Canada is loved by expats for its open-arms policy. In a recent study, Canada was ranked the most welcoming and tolerant to expats of different genders, races and faiths so it is no wonder than most single expats often find they can secure a job when they move there. Canada is so dedicated to expats, that it has made it a goal to attract 1 million expats to work and live there by the year 2020. Canada is a wonderfully diverse country and one full of stunning beauty, 



With its pleasant climate and welcoming locals, it is no wonder that Portugal is a popular destination for expats who are nearing retiring age or wanting a break away from the hustle of working life. Portugal ranks highly for quality of life, so it is a much-loved location for those seeking a little downtime. Thanks to the vast choice of luxury Algarve villas and homes to rent, many freelancers head here when they want a space to themselves to concentrate on their work and benefit from living and working somewhere abroad. With its affordable cost of living and the ability to have a good work/life balance, Portugal is set to become more popular with freelance workers over the next few years.


Perhaps the most popular destination for expats, Australia appears to have it all. A great quality of life, promising job prospects and higher salaries, Australia has one of the highest expat populations in the whole world. Whilst you do need to have a skilled occupation to be able to obtain a visa, many expats find that once they move there, they do not want to leave. Over 75% of expats have also said that they have found that they are more active since moving there, so not only is moving best for your career, but your health as well!