5 Office Trends for Creating a Work-Friendly Environment


The productivity of your employees is not necessarily something that depends on their individual traits. Sure, there are some employees that are always bound to outperform, regardless of the circumstances, yet, even they can experience a productivity boost in the right work environment. Luckily, by embracing several design and management trends, you can create an office that will help your staff unleash their full potential. The best thing about this is the fact that neither of these ergonomic trends are particularly difficult to enforce.

1.      Open floor

In the past, the cubicle system was synonymous with a proper office design, yet, nowadays, more and more office layouts are quite open. From a pragmatic standpoint, this allows a better natural light influx into every part of the office, which is something that would be impossible with cubicles. Needless to say, this provides both a morale boost and better visibility. Most importantly, the open floor plan can help your employees feel like a part of the collective, as well as experience positive sides of peer pressure. By seeing all of their coworkers hard at work, they might be persuaded to do the same.

2.      Fresh air

Fresh air is crucial for the way our brain works, which is why you need to take its circulation very seriously. Sure, an air conditioner may seem like an obvious solution but, in the long-run, you need to let a bit of breeze in. This is why some companies construct a deck with a shade sail or awning at the top of the building and use it as a substitute office when the weather allows it. Nonetheless, if you don’t have this option (budget- or structure-wise) you can at least invest in a solid air purifier. Apart from this, you should also use any opportunity you have to let the room breathe.

3.      Desk personalization

Another thing you need to do is allow every single member of your team to personalize their workstations. That means that you should give them full control over their desk. For starters, you can encourage them to keep houseplants on their desks or to display images of their loved ones. Those companies that are willing to take this one step further should even consider investing in an electric height adjustable desk for everyone. This is also a health perk, seeing as how your employees get to choose the angle at which they look at the monitor, as well as pick the desk height that’s ideal for their posture.

4.      Comfort is crucial

Speaking of posture, back pain is not just an indicator of a health problem but also a motivation and creativity killer. Think about it, how efficient can one be at focusing while they’re in agony? To avoid this from becoming a common occurrence, you might want to think about investing in higher-quality seating. We’re not just talking about your office chairs but about the seating in your break room, as well.

5.      Flexible work hours

According to one study, two hours after we first wake up are the time when we are most productive. Still, for some people, this means 5 AM to 7 AM, while for others it’s 10 AM to 12 AM. On the other hand, despite what studies and statistics show, some people are simply more productive later on, while there are those who always choose to work late. Needless to say, allowing desk personalization will let your employees customize their workstations, while giving them a chance to choose their work hours helps personalize their entire work experience.


As you can see, the key to a work-friendly environment lies in giving your employees more control. You’re giving them the freedom to organize their work environment at their own behest, you’re freeing up their vision and allowing them to work whenever they want to. In other words, you’re showing them that they’re in charge of their own workplace, which is bound to make them appreciate it more and work even harder to make up for this trust.