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5 Outstanding Sales Enablement Tools Every Company Must Have

Sales enablement tools are one of the modern-day tools that can assist you in various aspects of the business. They are specialized in attracting new customers by displaying an attractive and detailed content of your products. The new customers will definitely make a rise in the progress of your business. 

With the rapid  proliferation of software & tools into a company's sales and marketing process, it becomes imperative to have sales enablement training software to train, onboard and educate a dedicated or in-house sales team. This helps in improving their productivity, performance and overall efficiency. And, it is an expert like "Guidde" that can help you through the process of implementing one such enablement software into the working process, especially to train and educate the marketing tea, of a company. 

There are different types of sales enablement tools and software that have been released due to the increasing popularity of these tools. Many software houses have produced them. But the main thing is which sales enablement tool will be best for you. Selection will be difficult for you as there are many tools present in the market. To make your selection easy, we have chosen some of the latest and most effective sales enablement tools. 

Here are the details of some outstanding sales enablement tools that every company must have.

  1. Dialpad

Dialpad is one of the best sales enablement tools that has been designed by experts, keeping in mind all the specificities and sales professionals' samples. It is equipped with all the modern technologies and tools that can assist you in the sales process. It provides various features. Some of the top features of this tool are given below.

  • It has an automatic system that can sync your calls data and transcribe these calls. Along with calls, it also has a record of all the action items performed via this tool.

  • It can help you to monitor the calls. By this, you will be able to know about the replies given to customers by your sales team. You can also note the time of replies 

  • Whenever a question is asked by a customer, it gives you suggestions about the reply. This will reduce the objections by customers. 

  •  It also has an automatic note-taking system which can write the key points of conservation with customers 

  1. Highspot

Highspot provides a variety of conservation options to the customers. This will make them easy to choose your products by getting satisfaction. Here are three top features of this tool.

  • Writing about the description of a product, it can assist you in doing so by giving suggestions. These suggestions help sellers to write the most effective content.

  • It provides a complete analysis of the seller using the content, and identifies the gaps. 

  • A search option is present there which shows the exact results instead of manual tagging.

  1. Intercom

It is an effective sales enablement tool that helps you to sell products by messengers like a conversation instead of emails or calls. Here are some attractive features of this tool.

  • You can reply to your customers by yourself or casement it to a baton.

  • It is capable of integrating with more than 250 apps at a time. 

  • You can engage in multichannel communication with your clients by using it. 

  • It provides a self-serve option, using which you can easily and quickly respond to the customers without passing through any representative of the company.

  1. Proprofs Chat

It is also an outstanding sales enablement tool that can assist your sales process. It is clear from the name that the main feature is chat. Here are some other basic features of this tool.

  • It provides an option to transfer files.

  • There is no chat limit, you can reply to the customers throughout the day. 

  • Can be integrated with various other sales tools, such as CRM and marketing tools.

  • You can get the lead by yourself, as a personalized chat option is present, sending the greeting message will be a perfect start to getting the lead. 

  1. Content Camel

Last, but certainly not the least, Content Camel is a popular sales enablement tool used by top organizations across the globe. It can prove to be a vital tool for your salesforce as it can assist them to make more sales. The best part? It is an affordable software that comes with a lot of features. It’s the editor’s choice software, which adds to its credibility.

There you have it! These are some of the most popular sales enablement tools. If you want the best one, our recommendation will be to go for Content Camel.

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