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5 Places to Visit in China for Unforgettable Vacations

It can be a great idea to opt for online flight booking to china this year to explore the beauty of this culturally rich place. Here’s what to visit.

China is a huge, intriguing, exotic, exciting, and culturally wealthy country that you can visit anytime with China Southern Airlines. It has 4000 years of history. Many visitors focus on city visits, but there are also some wonderful natural regions and national parks in order to inspire all outdoor lovers. In China, one of the most magnificent architectural wonders of the world is currently the best moment to visit China during a fascinating period of transformation.

There is certainly some advance planning that you should do while arranging a vacation to China with Online Flights Booking. Here are a few locations to see in this amazing place to get you started.

1.     Beijing

A lot of tourists start their trip to this country with China Southern Airlines flights from Beijing. That’s because this city is considered to be the airport hub of the country and a natural place of departure to know the history of the nation. Beijing is also the capital of China, and for 700 years it has been. The Forbidden City, for example, is a well-preserved imperial building, and China has also the renowned Grand Mall.

The Tiananmen Square, the Olympic The village, Temple of Heaven, and are also attractions if you are booking an Online ticket Booking for a vacation to Beijing. Both the new and the old places along with the National Museum of China are also here that you can enjoy. In summary, the city is old and contemporary, and on Wangfujing Street, there are also many retail complexes.

2.     Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most vibrant cities in the whole country that is also compared with New York City very often. You will love the architecture of this place whenever you book China Southern Airlines tickets. This is the business hub of the Chinese economy, which makes it a fairly contemporary location with a skyline that shows this. In contrast to the ancient architecture of the city, the towering high buildings provide insight into its colonial history.

It is not as huge as Beijing, since it is more of a city of living and working inhabitants, but it is still worth a visit to the Chinese local life. Shanghai is a great city for luxury visitors because various excellent hotels and famous art centers are located here. If you are booking online cheap flights to China then don’t miss the Temple of Jade Buddha while in the city and enjoy the Huangpu Riverboat.

3.     Xi’an

Xi'an was formerly the capital and the most significant center of life during the most affluent dynasty in China, one of the country’s top tourist attractions that most tourists with China Southern Airlines flight tickets visit. The Silk Road begins here and bears witness to the increasing significance of China in world commerce. It stretched from Asia to Europe and has affected several countries.

The Terra Cotta army, one of the wonders of the world, and the Xi'an City Wall, designed to prevent the invasion of the ancient city, are among the attractions that must be seen. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, the Great Mosque, and the Old City Walls are also to be observed. Many people booking Online tickets to Flights to China should visit Xi'an because there are so many places to visit here.

4.     Chengdu

This place is best known because here the biggest species of Panda lives and you must not skip it if you are booking China Southern Airline online tickets with your kids. This is the foundation of panda breeding research, and the research facility allows visitors to get a close-up glimpse of lovely animals without alerting them.

It is located in Southwest China and has a 3,000year-old history. The Dujiangyan irrigation system will allow you to learn more about the architecture and the history of this place. Chengdu is a major transit hub and a regular stop along the Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Parks routes that countless people visit that come to China with online air ticket booking.

5.     Guilin

Guilin is a destination to visit in China if you are booking China Southern Airlines flights. This place will allow you to enjoy the true beauty of the country. You definitely have to view this calcareous landscape to realize why Guilin is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A beautiful and attractive river is the Li River that flows from Guilin to Yangshou.


It is a picturesque city where you can learn about history, and you can easily reach it because it only takes an hour by air from Hong Kong with any airline flight booking. You can find out how rice on Longji Rice Terraces is grown and managed, and Yangshuo West The street is an entertaining nightlife destination.

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