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5 Predictions for Swimming Pool Design Trends In 2020

Best Swimming Pool Designs

Having a lavish home along with a swimming pool is everyone's dream at one point in time or the other. One could also call a big swimming pool as life goals. But once you have your idea about your house, you should decide on your dream swimming pool. In such situations, you need a guide telling you about the best swimming pool design that you can add to your lavish dream house. But you also need to know about swimming pool designs that are trending and can complement your newly designed home in 2020. So here are five predictions for swimming pool design trends in 2020

1. Tanning Ledges Pools

A tanning ledge is also known as Baja shelf, tanning shelf, or sun shelf. It is a shelf that is very shallow, and it is mostly 9 inches deep and 5 feet wide. Experts can install it in private swimming pools at your luxurious home. They can set up the shelf near the entry point in your swimming pool. Also, they take efforts to configure the tray which needs installation at such an angle that it is deep enough so that you can remain in the water without necessarily swimming or staying afloat. The purpose of establishing a pool with tanning ledges is so that people can use the tanning ledges for relaxation purposes or to soak themselves under the sunlight. Some external furniture like lounge chairs, small tables, and umbrellas can be fixed with the shelf as well. The design has been popular for some years now, and people are increasingly installing this design in their homes. It indeed increases the aesthetic qualities of the entire household, and thus, this swimming pool is going to be a trend in 2020. 

2. Natural Pools

We all know how chlorine affects the skin and hair, and one always needs to wash off chlorine water after a dip in any swimming pool. Natural pools are the solution to having chlorine-free pools. The natural pools are specially designed pools that have artificially installed rocks, boulders, waterfalls, and other natural elements found in sweet-water ponds or lakes. Experts don't make natural ponds with the help of bringing in natural elements like water lilies, rocks, and waterfalls. Instead, a natural pool is one that has organically filtered water rather than chlorine filtered water. Pool developers establish a regeneration zone nearby where the plants and gravel filter the water naturally, and the process imitates the filtration process of natural ponds. Another feature to notice in natural swimming pools is that they do not have sparkling water. Instead, the water has no colors and looks almost green due to the weeds that are planktons on the surface of the swimming pool floor. But aquatic animals or insects do not feed on this marine environment because it does not have the necessary background for survival. These pools are going to gain more popularity in 2020. 

3. Saltwater Pools

The moment people hear about saltwater pools, they start assuming that the saltwater pools contain seawater or are near any seawater resources. Or else the saltwater pool uses a salt-chlorine generator to sanitize the pool. But that is genuinely not the case with saltwater pools. Saltwater pool is a different kind of pool that can be installed anywhere in your courtyard. Saltwater contains 3,000 ppm of salt, which means that the human tongue cannot identify the taste of the water as salty. Also, there will be nor residue on the body and hair, making it less harmful for the swimmer. It uses the process of electrolysis to create the effect of chlorine less, and this gets done with the help of a salt-chlorine generator. This kind of swimming pool design is going to get more trending in 2020.

4. Rimless Negative-Edge Pools

A negative edge or rimless swimming pool is a pool where the rim is missing on all the sides of the lake. The water looks mesmerizing as it flows over towards the poolside. The water extends over the horizon and gives a visual effect of continuity and perfection. There is another pool where the water is filtered and sent back to the main pool. This design is already in trend, and more people will be adopting this style in 2020.

5. Custom-Fit Pools

As the name suggests, these are customized pools designed by Pool Builder Las Vegas depending upon the space available in your lawn or yard. This design is going to gain more popularity in 2020 because living spaces are getting smaller, and swimming pools need to be adjustable to the area.

So, there are five predictions for swimming pool design trends in 2020. Be sure to choose a design that suits your homestead, and make sure you consider the costs while finalizing the choice. 

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