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5 Pro Tips for Women’s to Become Successful - Harry I Martin Jr

Tips for Women’s to Become Successful

Harry I Martin Jr gives you some tips that he hope can help you in this professional career that you propose. It is not an easy road, neither for men nor for women, but he agree with you that, as women, we must overcome several obstacles, the first of them, ourselves:

1. Set goals. Without drawing a goal and a strategy it is difficult to reach a good port. What resources do you have? What are your strengths? What should you strive for the most? You have just started and it is time to observe, investigate and be prudent, but begin to outline your action plan to be outlined as you are more introduced to your position. Nobody will give you anything and you will have to work very hard, but it is important that you do it with a goal in your head and without dispersing.

2. Volunteer when new projects arise. Take advantage of opportunities to gain visibility, doing a good job. Women sometimes, because we are especially cautious, we expect to be extremely prepared to undertake something, we want to control all the variables and this can stop us at the moment of action. Think that the train only happens once and in the professional world, at certain times, you must get on the car when it is running and at full speed.

Women have a different leadership style than Men.

3. Find your ambassadors, those people within the company who can help you. Women, at times, we sin of excessive humility to sell us, but at the same time an excess of pride to ask for help. Make them know you, discover your abilities, help others and make them trust you when opportunities arise.

4. Be yourself, with your virtues and your faults. It is useless to copy certain masculine behaviors; it is too tired and unsustainable in time to be playing all day a role of someone who is not. Women have a style of leadership, a way of doing business and of interacting with clients different from those of men. There are more and more companies that value diversity in their teams. Hiding these feminine traits under a masculine shield does not seem like the best way to bring out the best in you.

5. Activate your networking, ideally inside and outside the company. However, if you can only focus on one, start inside. Here men gain us an advantage, they are co-workers, but they also know each other well, share anecdotes and there is a feeling of camaraderie that he find it difficult for women to locate. As in the previous point he told you not to act as one of them, here he say it is a behavior to consider. Although you cannot always, he suggests you be present in the social life of the company, where interesting opportunities are baked.

Finally, a final advice, not only for the job but for any situation in life: smile, it will not take away professionalism or question your worth; on the contrary, you will approach people as a fundamental weapon to achieve your goals.

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