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5 Products you can use to promote your business

When it comes to promoting your business, it can seem like there are multiple options, but it can become where to start and the methods that you will use for promotion so that you can get the best results. The reality is that there are multiple ways you can promote your business and it largely depends upon your business to choose a method that will be suitable for it so that it can yield the best results for you. As a business owner, you are already in a tough spot if you are relatively new due to the high competition which is already in the market so promoting your business is crucial if you want your business to grow past the survival stage. Some of the ways you can promote your business are mentioned below.

1.     Use your website:

Using a website to promote your own business will likely bring you no harm, so there is no reason why you cannot try this method. You cannot wait for the next public event to take place and have to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to you since it is one cost-effective way you can promote your business. There are several other websites such as which promote your business online and will help you to gain access to new followers which will highly increase the chance of them purchasing your products. You can also offer gifts to those users who are consistent users of your website so that it will likely increase the traffic to your website and help to improve your brand image other than impacting your sales figures. Many large companies have a huge customer base that buys their products online and helps to generate millions of dollars in revenue. You can do the same to promote your products since anyone can check your website from anywhere in the world provided that they have an internet connection. You can use this opportunity to improve your brand perception since people from across the world may come across your site.

2.     Add a URL on your products:

A major issue with handing out promotional products is that we do not have any metric to determine how much of it converts to sales. Companies spend a lot of money handing out their promotional products to people in public events yet have no idea how much of it converts to sales since people generally are nor aware of the company’s information or contact. One way we can solve this issue is by attaching the URL of the website to those products that you are willing to hand out. People who like your product may go to your website so that they can have access to the details about your company and other products that it offers. You can also keep progress about the effectiveness of your promotional products since you measure the rise in traffic and the subsequent increase in the percentage of sales which are the result of it. You also have the option of monitoring the progress based on different trackers by using multiple URLs for this purpose so that you can develop your strategy accordingly.

3.     Give out your promotional products near your stores:

If you have multiple stores available, you should not shy away from using them to their full potential to promote your business. There is no need to reserve your special products for special days, and you can place them within your stores so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits of it. Also, hand out gifts in the vicinity of your stores so that people can check them out in your store immediately if they are curious enough. Just like the website, it will not have a significant impact on raising the costs incurred since the gifts do not cost a lot and the company can easily bear it provided that it increases the sales of the company. You can also get personal details such as email address competitors or contact numbers for handing out these gifts so that you can further promote your business if you want to which will likely increase the chances of them purchasing your products.

4.     Give goodie bags:

Depending upon the business, you can easily promote it within your locality by creating a promotional goodie bag which includes your promotional products and information about your business such a business card which they can contact. You can keep all of these in a bag and then start handing them out in public places or to your friends who will also help to spread positive word of mouth among your friends. Such tactics will not only be good for marketing purposes but will also increase awareness about your products among the people about your business.

5.     Print a coupon on the promotional stuff:

Another thing that you can do to promote your business is to utilize coupons for your benefit. You can print information about the coupon or the coupon code itself on the promotional product, which will be a great way to make the promotional product useful and memorable. This is a great tactic since many people will usually keep the promotional products you give to them so that they can use the coupons when they need it. You should also include the necessary information about the coupon, such as the minimum requirement for using the coupon.


To summarize, branded gifts are an excellent way to promote your business since they are kept for a long time, and you can also utilize your websites and any other social media accounts for promoting your products since they are cost-effective and can have a significant impact on your sales. You should, however, hand over information that is useful for your customers so that they can contact you if they want to and get the necessary information that they want about your business. You should also hand out products that compliment your business so that they have a fair idea about your specialization and consider you the next time they want to purchase anything.

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