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5 Property Rental Maintenance Tips Every Home Owners Should Know

Taking care of your rental property is like caring for your own home. Yet, a lot of property owners find themselves falling behind in the overall maintenance of their property.

They are expecting that their tenants or the Airbnb turnover service provider can do the heavy lifting for them. 

But you need to keep your property in top shape to avoid any repairs in the future. If you want it to last for a long time, then you have to commit to a regular maintenance plan. 

Perform regular routine inspections

It's always a good idea to inspect your rental property regularly especially if you’re leasing it out long-term. If you don't do it often, you might miss out on possible serious problems that could have been prevented otherwise. 

Having a clear view of the condition of your property before a tenant moves in and out is essential when it comes to managing your property. If you have a listing on Airbnb, then you can hire a turnover service provider that has a dedicated team of cleaning professionals. They will ensure that your place is clean and spotless for your rental guests.

Moreover, when conducting a regular routine inspection while renters are still staying on your place, just be aware that there are also laws that protect the rights of the renters during inspections, so you need to act accordingly. 

You might need to consult with a lawyer or a legal aid source first to know what laws might apply to your inspections. 

Here are some tips:

  • Make a prior notice
  • Make sure that the renter is present
  • Explain why the inspection is important
  • Don't take a photo of personal items
  • Remain calm and professional

Spruce up the landscaping

The curb appeal of your rental property is important. It's all about forming a positive first impression on your prospective tenants. 

Here are the benefits of a properly landscaped property:

  • Makes an excellent curb appeal to attract prospective tenants
  • Prevents any pest infestations
  • Boosts your property’s value
  • Makes your property airy
  • Enhances the drainage system in your property
  • Absorbs the noise in your surrounding
  • Keeps your property cool during summer
  • Creates a visually appealing space which your tenants can be proud of 

Inspect for water leaks and damage

Water damage in your property can weaken the structural stability of your home. So, you must include this in your rental property checklist. The key here is repairing it ahead of time before the problem turns serious. 

The ideal time to check for possible water leaks and damage is after heavy storms, rains, or when the ice and snow have melted out. 

When you check for damages, search for the soft spots that you can find in the ceiling. Inspect for your water heaters and boilers as well. When you find a leak, then, immediately call a professional to address the problem. 

Take care of the HVAC system

The repair or the total replacement of your HVAC system can be expensive. That's why you need to do regular maintenance and care for it. 

Here are some tips on how you can manage the cooling and heating system of your property:

  • Regularly replace the air filters. Air filters aren't expensive. Have a constant supply of air filters in case you would need replacement. 
  • Keep the air ducts clean. Utilize vacuums, brushes, and power washes on your equipment. A dirty unit can cause a possible health risk to your tenants and might cause problems in the future. 
  • Get rid of standing water. Remove any water that might collect in your property's humidity-moderating units. Stagnant water can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other contaminants. 
  • Regularly check the belts and bearings. The belts should have a straight edge and should be kept clean. Any possible misalignment on your belt might cause it to wear out and groove the pulley. 

Proper maintenance of the water heater

One of the things that's commonly overlooked in rental property maintenance is your water heater. But if you have ever replaced a water heater in the past, you know how expensive it can be. 

Here are some simple ways on how you can regularly maintain your water heater:

  • Do a regular inspection of your water heater. It needs regular maintenance from experts that are trained and certified. 
  • Cover the heater with an insulating blanket as this decreases the amount of heat loss. A decreased strain can help prolong its life. 
  • Do a mini-flush on your water heater to take off the sediment. Sediments can decrease the efficiency of your water heater and can even corrode your tank. 
  • Check the pressure relief valve and temperature. An increase in pressure and temperature can cause it to explode. 
  • Decrease the temperature setting of your water heater. This reduces the chance of any possible overheating. You can also save up at least five percent of your total energy bills. 

Over to You

So there you have it. The following points that we've discussed are some points that you can do on your own to ensure that your rental property will last without having to do any major repairs or improvements. 

At the end of the day, you must understand how to manage your rental property the right way. As a property manager, you'll be forced to wear many hats for a lot of occasions. How you can be able to manage your property will make or break your chances of success. 

Maintaining the overall shape of your rental property depends on your skills to work with tenants especially when doing routine maintenance tasks.

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