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5 Proven Ways to Increase B2B Sales

Business to Business sales (B2B sales), refers to companies that primarily sell products and services to other companies and not to consumers (B2C). B2B sales usually have a higher order value, longer sales cycles and are in most cases more sophisticated than B2C sales.

Working with B2B sales today is very complex as the requirements for sellers have changed a lot. In the past, the sales process was much more linear and predictable, but now as the world of B2B sales has evolved, it has become increasingly complicated. There are many challenges involving customers' behaviors, the way we communicate because of ever-evolving digital capabilities and fierce competition.

If you’re having a tough time coming up with effective strategies to boost your B2B sales, in this article, we suggest some proven ways to achieve success.

Look at Your Competition

If you want to boost your B2B sales, you should consider implementing a reverse Whois lookup tool as it can help you identify connections between different brands and companies using their company name, domain address, or email address.

Research is paramount when wanting to obtain an accurate overview of your competition and the more data you acquire, the more precise your results will be. The Whois lookup tool will dispense bouts of important information, like rankings and much more. Afterward, you’ll be able to structure the data in various ways to get a better understanding of your competition.

By using these solutions, you can aggregate all data necessary to study your competition and it will help you better gauge your performance.

Improve Personal Approach

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In today's world of informed buyers, sellers cannot expect to close deals if they read from a generic sales pitch. In B2C, customers are constantly met by offers and messages that are tailored to their person, situation, and needs. The development has led to buyers in B2B expecting the same type of treatment.

When you as a salesperson show that you clearly understand a company's organization, conditions, and goals, your chances of starting a rewarding discussion with the decision-makers at the company are much greater.

In today's technological world, human contact is still invaluable in B2B sales. With a smart and modern approach to your sales script and sales techniques, you can effectively adapt your communication to the nature of each prospect.

Convince Decision-Makers

Various studies estimate that the average buying group for a difficult B2B solution involves 6 to 10 decision-makers. All of these people have different levels of experience, knowledge, and the opportunity to influence the purchase decision. In modern B2B sales, salespeople must be able to build meaningful relationships with each person with significant influence over the purchasing decision.

By working with an account-based business model, such as account-based marketing, you can better identify all buyers within a company. The ABM model means that you can more easily direct your efforts toward the right people at the company you are trying to sell to. That way, you become more relevant.

Adopt Sales Intelligence Technology

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Much of the work required of B2B salespeople has been altered by technological advancements. Sales intelligence tools help salespeople find, monitor and understand data that contains information about prospects and existing customers' organizations.

These tools allow sellers to tailor their contact with potential buyers and be relevant in every step of the sales process. More and more of these tools can also be integrated with your CRM system, so you can reach out directly when your prospects and customers need you.

Use Social Media to Attract Leads

Social media may not be a direct sales channel for B2B players, as it is for many retailers, but many of your potential customers spend a lot of time right there. This is the new way for prospects to discover products and communicate with businesses. 

An amazing 75 percent of B2B buyers now use social media to make purchasing decisions and incorporating social media in your B2B sales strategy is considered a must. This is a more convenient way of contact for the decision-maker and allows your sales team to come across as far more helpful and thoughtful.

Social media is a strong base for future business relationships that can turn into strong long-term collaborations. If you put enough effort to build a strong online presence for your B2B business, it will help you establish frequent interaction with potential prospects, which may help develop more important conversations, exchange valuable information, and ultimately boost the number of loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

These tips are recommended for those who are ready to take their business to the next level and boost B2B sales. By looking at your competition, using sales intelligence tools and social media, you will unlock your maximum potential and scale your business.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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