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5 Questions to Ask Before hiring South Coast Nannies

When a person googles for “nanny jobs near me” as a nanny, she is expected to have a basic emotion of love and caring towards a child. If this necessary trait is missing, then it will be a burden for the nanny to carry out her job. More importantly, it will be a risk leaving your child in the hands of such a nanny. So this is one question you ask when you interview nannies for your kid.

But how do these emotions come across for a potential candidate? Well, there are a few interesting questions to ask, through which you can know if the nanny is really excited to take care of the kids and can actually do an excellent job at it.

1 – What is your experience?

Many South Coast nannies come with a world of experience in caring for the child. Every kid has a distinct need, and a nanny should have experience in childcare.

Such a quality level of care can uplift their physical and mental well-being. If the nanny has extensive experience caring for many children over recent years, she will definitely be a good pick for your nanny requirement.

2 – How do you look after the specific needs of the child?

Every kid will have a specific need. Be it caring for a special child or getting a jittery kid to come out and be trusting of the nanny, there are many aspects to consider. You can check if she is okay with caring for a child with such needs.

You need to know how many hours can she working without a break. This assessment will help you plan your work accordingly. Professional nannies can look after a kid continuously throughout the day. The nanny should also be able to cook and prepare dishes that the kids will like and which are nourishing for them.

3 – How do you cope with urgent care situations?

It is vital to see how a nanny reacts when she is faced with an emergency situation. She should have experience caring for the child and calling up the nearest hospital in case of an emergency.

If she knows how to drive, she can drive the child to the healthcare facility without wasting precious moments.

If she is not aware of the health centres near your house, then it will be wise to move on to a professional nanny in Melbourne. Such a trained person will always have emergency contacts and healthcare facility contact numbers for urgent needs.

4 – What additional responsibilities can you take up for the child?

The nanny should be open to meeting specific childcare needs as they arise. She should be comfortable with laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, and preparing meals. Many aspects like changing diapers, cleaning up vomiting, or burping a kid, are specific tasks that a person cannot handle unless she is a trained professional.

She can also set up appointments with pediatricians and keep a log of the various milestones she needs to track. Many sure that a nanny service in Melbourne is okay with these responsibilities.

5 – Are you aware of the specific new born baby responsibilities?

The age group of new born to age 2 is particularly sensitive to nanny care as these kids cannot vocally express their feelings like pain or anguish. The nanny should know how to handle a crying baby. You can ask what she can do if the baby cries continuously without stopping.

You can also check her skills on feeding cycles and the type of feeding formulas she is aware of. This check will give you the reassurance that the infant is in safe hands when you are away.

She can also let you know what techniques she uses to allow a baby to sleep comfortably through the night. Plus, she should know of a few necessary age-specific activities to help in the child’s growth and development.

To conclude

It is not easy trusting a total stranger to look after your kid when you aren’t at home. But these questions can help. They go a long way in alleviating the risks when hiring a new nanny. Those who find nanny jobs to connect with a kid will be a good pick. These questions will surely help you find good South Coast nannies for the house.

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