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5 Questions to ask your call center solution provider

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Businesses have recognised the need for call center solutions. Organisations are capitalising on the technology being deployed. However, the decision should suffice the organisational needs and help in increasing workplace efficiency.

While looking for a call center solution, ask the following five questions. This is a set of prerequisites that will help in increasing the performance and ultimately revenue.  

Does it give you a call center monitoring feature?

Monitoring how well the employees are working can help in improving performance. The people in authority can access the reports which can be customised as per the performance review criteria. This gives a direction to the business to plan the processes and strategize accordingly.

How seamless are the integration options?

Having customer data on multiple platforms increases the chances of data redundancy or manipulation. It is essential that the call center software can be integrated with the existing office management and workflow management software. Choose a solution that is compatible with the tools currently in use so as to ensure that data need not be migrated and updated at different platforms.

Is the tool based on regular IVR or smart IVR?

The role of an IVR in a contact center solution is to automate the mundane process of customer queries resolution. On the contrary, it frees-up the agents to focus on solving the priority issues. Choosing a smart IVR means having a smart call routing mechanism in place. The calls can be routed on the basis of geographic location, department and expertise, a number of calls inflow etc. This increases agent productivity and improves customer support and satisfaction.

Do you get a customized portal?

The solution is being used by businesses across the globe. Opting for a customized call center software extends a hand to the organisation to custom tailor the interface of the software. Moreover, the features of the software can be programmed as the needs of the business. The agents can set alerts for calls, getting feedbacks, etc. Moreover, look for a solution that brings forward the easy of creating a 360 degree customer profile to understand the customer better.

Does the solution provide flexibility of choosing on-premise or cloud contact center?

Both on-premise and cloud contact center extend their set of benefits. While the on-premise model extends the security of the data, the on-cloud model offers the flexibility to scale up the number of people working in the call center. Ensure that the call center solution provider you choose has both the options available. It makes the process of migration easy if required at a later stage.

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