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5 Quick Tips To Save On Electricity

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The rising cost of electricity has caused many people to receive energy bills that are downright ugly. And while there is not much you can do about the cost of electricity there are ways to lower the energy consumption in your home. The following is five ways you can save on electricity with you may or may not be familiar with.

CFL Bulbs

Approximately ten percent of home energy costs is a result of lighting the home. One way to conserve energy available to anyone is to exchange their incandescent light bulbs for CFLs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs last about ten times longer than regular bulbs and use only one-fourth of the energy.

CFLs with a label from Energy Star will provide you with the greatest savings possible. Products with the Energy Star label are required to meet efficiency requirements set by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

CFLs can also be recycled once they are spent.

Keep Air Conditioner In Optimal Working Condition

About 50 percent of the energy costs for a home will be spent on cooling and heating the home. Air conditioners with sunlight shining directly on them will use ten percent more energy. You can alleviate this problem by planting trees or shrubs to provide shade for the air conditioner. Window units should be located on the north side of the home when possible. When this is not possible, an awning can be placed over the window unit.

Both central air units and window units should be regularly serviced. It is also important to replace central air units that are more than 12 years old with newer models that contain the Energy Star model.

Unplug Devices

One thing to know when learning how does electricity work is seventy-five percent of the energy consumed by electric devices happen when the device is turned off. Electric devices should be unplugged when not in use. Alternatively, all devices can be plugged into power strips which can be unplugged when no devices are being used.

Many people fear they will lose settings on TVs and computers. The memory capabilities of new devices will reset them when they are powered on again. This will not be the case with very old devices and they may need to be replaced.

Use Smart Meters

Smart meters may differ slightly from one company to the next but the basic premise is the same. A smart meter will track the energy that is used in your home. This data is used to assure no blackouts happen due to overloaded power grids. The utility companies will shut off appliances in your home when the grid nears capacity.

Smart meters can benefit you in a number of ways. Some companies offering smart meters pay you to use these meters. These companies often provide you with online access to your energy consumption records so that you can see where you can save money on energy.

Smart meters work great for individuals who are not home in the daytime. You will not be affected when appliances are powered off. One company offering smart meters says customer bills are reduced on average by seven percent.

Save On Water Heating

It is often times not a necessity to heat water all day and night. This fact provides an opportunity to save money for families that use electric water heaters. You can install timer switches. These timers can be set so that the water in your home is heated only when hot water will be used.

Your water heater can become more efficient if you periodically drain the tank and flush it to remove sediment.

Final Thoughts

The cost of electricity is a concern for many people. Fortunately, there are easy and convenient tips to help with your monthly energy bill. A great example is with residents of Texas who can choose from the top electricity providers with the cheapest Texas energy plans which have discount energy plans vetted to reduce bill surprises on the prestigious HomeEnergyClub comparison site. The five methods above will get you off to a great start and make your energy bills more manageable.

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