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5 Reason Why You Should Not Use The Free VPN

A free VPN service is good to use, but have you ever considered its cons? We like to use free software, but everything has its advantages and disadvantages like this free VPN is also not safe to use. We download many free VPN apps from apple store and google play store. These apps are not worthy of trust. Here are the reasons why you should not use a free VPN. But before jumping to this, let's just throw light on what a VPN is?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts all the data sent over the internet monitor it and send to the remote server. People use a VPN for certain reasons. It makes your browsing activity private, hide torrent traffic for legal reasons, get access to geo-restricted services.

Though a free VPN needs to earn some income from their users so how they will make their profit?

They make money indirectly instead of offering a higher standard and low fee. They sell user’s data to third-parties. Sometimes free VPN methods are dangerous, dishonest, annoying and semi-hidden from users.

Reasons For Not Using a Free VPN:

Before signing up to any free VPN, be careful as many issues and dangers are involved.

Compromising Your Security:

One of the main reasons is your security because a VPN’s primary function is to keep your data secure, protect you from the hacker, so it's alarming that some VPNs aren’t safe. This is why a VPN, which offers a limited amount of data, is more secure than one gives a free product.

Limit The Amount of Data:

A Free VPN can only be used for a limit. The limit can be set by either the usage time or data transferred. Eventually, when a user reaches that specific limit, they will have to upgrade and get a paid VPN to enjoy all the premium services.

Tracking Internet Activity:

The other main reason to use a VPN is to protect the privacy of your internet browsing, but VPN has embedded third-party tracker in their programme, so they gather all your internet activity. Instead of providing you full protection, they sell your information to the higher bidder.

Whereas Premium VPNs provide you with the privacy which you are looking for. They do not track the activity as compared to free VPN.

Slow Down Internet Speed:

If you use free and poor quality of the VPN, it will deliberately slow down your internet speed, which is more frustrating. The reason behind this is that it displays many ads and by selling you the bandwidth to earn their revenue.

Cannot Unblock Netflix:

A VPN is also famous for unblocking geo-restricted website, but there is no free VPN that can unblock Netflix. Netflix is the primary streaming website though only a few paid VPNs are available that can break through them. Therefore, go for the best VPN for Netflix to enjoy the service.


There is no need to take the risk in free VPN if you can get the premium VPN, buy it as soon as possible and enjoy your privacy and data will be encrypted and secure.

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