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5 Reasons for Businesses to Engage in BTL Marketing Activities

Within the first quarter of 2020, there were above 800,000 applications globally for new businesses. As per OECD, there are about 41,000 listed companies. They share a collective worth of a whopping $80 trillion. The number of new companies and entrepreneurial ventures is increasing with time. However, the market largely remains the same. More and more businesses are now fighting for the same market share. Different companies with a variety of market offerings are approaching customers.

Consequently, the marketing efforts have become nothing less than a war. Marketing has become the fiercest business function in the contemporary business environment. It has become essential for business success. However, marketing has evolved as well. Now there are numerous marketing innovations and modern-day gimmicks. Most of them lie across Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) marketing activities.

While ATL marketing targets a broader audience and appeals to the masses, BTL marketing precisely focuses on a specific target audience. BTL marketing has been generating a lot of positive results for businesses. If you have been wondering why to get into BTL marketing, this article can resolve your queries. Let's take a look on 5 BTL marketing tips for companies to engage in BTL marketing activities.

1.    Attracts a large target audience

In the pool of millions of customers, it becomes incredibly complex to attract a large target audience in a single place. However, trade shows serve as promising avenues to allure customers successfully. Today, many famous cities, attracting large crowds, host trade shows for companies and brands. The best example is Las Vegas, Nevada, which has been successfully drawing large traffic of customers from all over the country. So, if you plan to display your brand in Las Vegas, trade show exhibits Las Vegas NV can professionally manage the entire event for you. Being a tourist location, Las Vegas already holds ample capacity to attract people.

Once coupled with BTL marketing activities, there are limitless business opportunities. A vast audience means a high chance of converting potential customers into existing ones. It also promotes cross-customer sales, allowing you to acquire new customers from market segments that you never targeted. Hence, the audience cluster helps you identify a new customer base as well.

2.    Differentiates your brand from competitors

There are hundreds of thousands of brands pitching in millions of products and services in the markets. Developing a unique brand perception and market identity has become essential to achieve prominence. There is a dire need to establish a distinct value proposition for your market offering. BTL marketing helps you to create such a marketing campaign that develops a separate identity for your brand. It allows you to engage your target audience in a way that conveys a unique message and brand perception. Red bull has developed the perception that it is the drink of youngsters through their extensive BTL marketing activities in Colleges and Universities. They have young students as their campus ambassadors. It enhances and establishes their brand image.

3.    Creates a positive word of mouth

Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is when customers become representatives for your business. They communicate positive reviews about your brand to others. According to a report by Nielsen, 92% of people trusts reviews by friends and family than advertisements. Therefore, it’s no surprise that WOM marketing drives a whopping $6 trillion of consumer expenditure. However, someone will only talk positively about your market offering if they receive a satisfactory customer experience. That is only possible through BTL marketing activities because it provides more room for customer personalization. Once a business targets customers through BTL marketing activities, they serve their desired needs and preferences. Only then do they develop a positive word of mouth for the business proposition.

4.    Provides first-hand interaction with the customer

BTL marketing is the only channel that provides one on one interaction with the customer. A promotion kiosk in a supermarket can generate dozens of valuable insights. It also catches customer’s attention at different steps of a purchase cycle. It reiterates a brand’s presence in the market and reminds the target customer about its value proposition. Additionally, it helps a brand develop a strong relationship with the customers and increases customer lifetime value and brand loyalty. Moreover, such personalized interaction refines marketing practices and boosts customer acquisition.

5.    trengthens brand activation

Undoubtedly, launching a new product or reviving an old one from the decline stage are not easy tasks for a marketer. Fortunately, BTL marketing helps in such brand activation campaigns as well. You can create quite some buzz in the market with sampling and trial. A sampling technique helps consumers develop initial insights about the product. It is an excellent way to acquire new customers. Once the consumer has experienced the product, it provides them a sense of quality assurance. And so, they feel more confident while purchasing them. It gradually results in repeated sales of the products, converting into brand loyalty with time.

Final Thoughts

There are always two solutions to every problem. One the hard way and the other the smart way. BTL marketing is the smart solution to contemporary marketing problems. It provides innovative ways of reaching the right customer and understanding them better. It is efficient, result-oriented, and inexpensive than ATL marketing. All you need is to devise the marketing strategy for your business, and you’ll be generating the desired results within weeks.

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