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5 Reasons for Having Flowers at Your Workplace

flowers at workplace

This is a trend that is increasing more and more. It is no wonder that these flowers are in the workplace, several research has already been done and is proven: flowers and flowers improve the quality of the air, stimulate creativity and make people work happier. One of the studies was done by NASA and proved: green is able to absorb the pollutants and filter the air and water absorbed, 97% of it is returned to the environment, increasing the humidity of the air, the result are 15% more productive professionals.

According to landscaper, Rayra Lira tests were done with people who were in normal offices and people who were in offices that had ornamentation, and proved that productivity, pro activity and stress at work greatly improved the lives of employees in the work environment.

And so, without realizing the employees follow the work routine while the flowers are silently fulfilling their mission. "When you stop at your work and go to water a plant, when you get wet, that smell of wet earth is released under the air you breathe, you return calmer, lighter and focused on what you are about to solve at the front because you are His mind had the opportunity to relax, "explains Rayra Lira.

First, look for flowers that do not run the risk of dying and that will leave the environment more beautiful. Also, it is worth mentioning that the flowers need a few minutes in the day to day, so it is necessary to leave someone in charge of watering them. 

The benefits are essential for employees and consequently for the owner of the company as well, as productivity increases.

See below the main reasons 

1. More cheerful environment

Another study by the University of Texas has shown that investing in green can have a big effect on workers' happiness. The survey involved 450 employees. Those who had flowers in their office were more satisfied in their working conditions.

2. Filters the air

The growth of flowers also helps to filter the air, which can consequently improve the quality of life. According to the survey, green is able to absorb pollutants from indoor environments.

3. Increases air humidity

As well as the ability to improve whole air, flowers still improve air humidity levels. This is because 97% of the water absorbed by the flowers is returned to the environment. Thus, it improves indoor humidity by 15% and can reduce ambient dust by up to 20% and leave the rooms more comfortable, since humidity remains at the recommended human health index at 30% and 60% %.

4. Reduces stress

The University of Surrey in the United Kingdom has found scientific evidence of issues already perceived by environmentalists: flowers in the office can reduce stress. The comparison was made in environments that did not have flowers and environments that have flowers, comparing heart rate and blood pressure obtained with people who completed the same test without flowers. The result of those working in a green environment was greater than those who do not work.

5. Increases Productivity

Other research done by European researchers shows that indoor flowers help maintain focus and improve work efficiency. According to the data, there was a 12% increase in productivity in works made in the presence of flowers.

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