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5 Reasons to Green Your – Why Being Eco-friendly is a Must in 2021

Before we discuss why we need to have eco-friendly packaging. Read this. When you're filling in your brows or applying matte lipstick, you might not consider how your product is packed or wrapped. The global cosmetics industry generates 120 billion pieces of packaging, the vast majority of which is not recyclable and eco-friendly.

Let us get down to some facts about what eco-friendly packing actually is. Eco is the short form of environmental. Anything harmless for the natural phenomena of the planet is said to be nature friendly.


In this article, you will learn about eco-packaging.


What is Eco-friendly packaging?



Eco-friendly packaging is any packaging that's easy to recycle, safe for people and the environment. Eco friendly means using materials and manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources. Eco-friendly products are made from recycled materials or materials that can be easily recycled.


Environmentally friendly packaging benefits the environment, your business, and your customers. In fact, green packaging can even help your company save money! Here's how sustainable packaging can benefit both the environment and your bottom line.


  • Reduce the amount of product packaging

  • Encourage the use of renewable/reusable materials

  • Cut back on packaging-related costs

  • Reduce the use of toxic materials in the production of packaging

  • Provide options to recycle packaging easily

  • Motivates others for using eco-friendly packaging

Why Do We Need Eco-Friendly Packaging?


Melting ice caps and glaciers, record-breaking droughts, piles of garbage on the beaches and oceans. Moreover, climate change, global warming, intense heatwaves and unexpected rainfalls are the results of pollution. Humans have clearly brought a drastic change in the environment. 


We humans do not know how to keep the Earth clean. We are polluting it as much as we can. Every individual alive and sane is equally responsible for destroying the natural process of the system. Yet, nature is all that we have to live a healthy life.


Coal, Oil and Gas are one of the natural resources that we have. Man is using these up in alarming quantities. These take thousands of years to be produced through the process of decomposing and decay.


If the natural resources are finished, we will run out of quality of life on Earth. Life will not be the same anymore without freshwater, green plants and trees.


Every day brings news or story about how climate change and environmental degradation are harming the planet. What can environmentally-conscious retailers do to help the situation? One answer is eco-friendly packaging.


5 Reasons to Green Your Cosmetic Packaging 


  1. Eco-friendly packaging is easy to reuse or dispose of. It's very biodegradable and recyclable, making it by far the most environmentally friendly packaging available.

  2. The production of eco-friendly packaging materials has a low impact on the environment, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and little to no waste.

  3. Fewer energy sources are used in the manufacturing process.

  4. Using environmentally friendly packaging can improve your brand's image in the marketplace and with customers. 

  5. The production cost of green cosmetic packaging is less than other packaging materials, thus saving your business money.

Several types of makeup items are used in the world. Most of the cosmetics are packed in plastic, non-reusable packing. What can we do to make the Earth more environmentally friendly? 


BB Boxes 


BB creams are packaged in visually appealing yet secure bb boxes. BB Cream Packaging not only serves as the product's box packaging but also helps in its marketing to the great extent. As more people become environmentally conscious around the world, your company can take the lead by using green packaging for all of your bb boxes.

Some customers buy bb cream because of the attractive packaging rather than the quality of the product itself. Many companies offer a variety of customization options for custom bb boxes.

Custom Eyelash Boxes 


Finding green custom eyelash boxes for eyelashes can be a difficult task.

Customized Lash Boxes? Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of the human body, and women, in particular, will go to large extents to make their eyes appear pretty, large, and charming. 

Eyelashes can motivate women to achieve their goals. False eyelashes are essential cosmetics for women; a woman's makeup is unfinished unless she has the genuine quality and pretty eyelashes on her eyes.

Now comes the custom eyelash boxes, these boxes should be attractive to female consumers, which is one of the more difficult jobs. Because there is a huge competition for eyelash boxes wholesale, the company must have notable custom packaging to offer to clients, and only then will consumers consider purchasing the product. You can decorate them by doing a few things, for example, use eco-friendly packing. Green colour can be used to make it look it is cruelty-free. Use cardboard boxes which are the number one selling point.


Packaging Sleeves 


Box sleeves, also known as belly bands and packaging sleeves, are cost-effective and efficient packaging boxes.

Our custom packaging sleeves are ideal for securing paired items and advertising nutritional or ingredient information. Or simply adding branding or promotional information in an appealing, low-cost manner.

Created to bring a plain box to life. Make packaging sleeves eco-friendly by using paper and green elements in your packing. This will create a positive impact on customers the sales will considerably increase.

Sustainable packaging is adaptable; it can be used in almost any industry.

Eco-friendly packaging is not only more sustainable than traditional packaging, but it is stronger and provides more protection for items.


Custom Box Sleeves 


Custom box sleeves are inexpensive and very versatile. Custom box sleeves offer a variety of sizing and finishing options to ensure that your design, promotion, or branding stands out. 

Moreover, Eco-friendly custom box sleeves and box sleeves are professionally printed in high quality litho on 300gsm silk and expertly formed to fit any box or package.


To make Custom box sleeves evergreen and bio-gradable use cardboard, leaves and paper instead of plastic. Green products help to save the environment and help make the world a better place.


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