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5 Reasons to Hire Mining Equipment from National Plant and Equipment Instead of Buying your Own

Mark Ackroyd

The Australian chunk of land is an abundant repository of a plethora of vital minerals and fuels. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that the mining industry and the mineral exports industry together contribute about 40% to the growing GDP of the country. Such a lucrative industry is bound to attract brilliant young minds who want to make a name of their own in the booming industry. However, there is no denying that it is a volatile industry characterized by cut-throat competition. Every footstep one takes forward in this journey should be treaded carefully.

The monstrous mining equipment that is essential for the process is worth their weight in gold, to say the least. So, we absolutely do not recommend beginners to drown themselves in heavy debt even before tasting success. So, where does one get the beauties without wrapping themselves up in mortgage? Managing director, Mark Ackroyd has a solution up his sleeve. HIRING mining equipment from his company! Yes, one can actually hire these modern monsters from the trusted National Plant & Equipment. And, here is a quick look at the few advantages of doing so.

1. Saves you a lot of coins

Going ahead and buying machinery is quite an economic stress for not only beginners but even seasoned companies because of how expensive this equipment can get! Hiring resolves the issue in a jiffy.

2. Serves short time requirements

Mining for a lot of sectors, brands and entrepreneurs is seasonal. When one is hiring the equipment, they are paying rent only for the span of time they are making efficient use of them. Not only is that cost-efficient but it also makes it perfect for the quick use and return policy. Imagine the extra cash one would have to shell for storing and maintaining these giants during the offseason.

3. Saves a lot of time of effort

Speaking of maintenance, even a tiny bicycle needs TLC every few months. So, imagine the kind of effort one has to put into maintaining such heavy mining equipment. It is absolutely mind-boggling. The testing, servicing and repair jobs will eat up hours of time and money, which could be used efficiently in something much more substantial for a growing brand.

4. Extra Help

We mentioned that mining could be seasonal earlier. Now, that automatically brings us to the point that when the season arrives there is massive activity. Even for the bigger fish in the industry, it becomes worrisome to cope up with the huge job that lies ahead with their available equipment. During such a predicament, Mark Ackroyd seems like a blessing. The companies can hire extra equipment to get the job done flawlessly from his company.

5. Saviour During Break down

No one can really avoid a little mishap every now and then with a job that is so temperamental. Heavy machinery can often give up in the middle of a project putting the team at risk of not completing the mining or reaching the crucial deadline on time. Hiring quality mining equipment during this hour can completely change the game and help one achieve their targets as if nothing bad ever happened.

When it comes to choosing the whether to hire the equipment from a company like National Plant & Equipment or to buy your own, one should toss the following points in their mind to make the correct decision.

  • The money one has to shell for the specific period of time they intend to hire the equipment.
  • The money they will have to spend on buying new equipment.
  • The expenses and available space to store the gigantic equipment.
  • The kind of projects they have at hand.
  • The cost of maintaining the equipment.
  • The knowledge and experience one has to acquire to understand what makes good equipment.
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