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5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Canopy Tents for Events

Hosts that are holding a private party for a special occasion or businesses that are trying to get their company logo recognized rely on custom canopy tents at their events. What are event tents really? They are the type of pop-up style tents that you see vendors use at markets or businesses setup at a trade show conference. They are an important marketing tool and party decoration, which is why most people are willing to invest in high-quality, longer lasting models. It’s not unusual for a canopy tent to cost several hundreds of dollars depending on the size and whether the canopy is printed with a personalized design. An average 10x10 sized, fully printed tent might cost roughly $500, so why splurge on event tents? Here are five reasons why they are worth the money.

Increase Brand Awareness

If you plan on using event tents for marketing your business or organization, custom printed tents are the best way to get your brand name out there. Companies advertise their logo, slogan, and contact information by creating custom graphics to be printed on the canopy of a tent. Showing your brand in bright, eye-catching colors is an easy way to generate interest in your business when you are at fairs, expos, and more. While many branded products are useful for advertising a company, tents are taller and offer more printing space than many other marketing products, allowing people from all directions to easily spot and read your printed message. Branding a tent with the name of your company and what services/products your business offers makes it easier for customers to know what you sell without having to ask. Printed event tents are a simple yet effective way to spread your brand name when you are at business gatherings.

Versatile for Many Occasions

While printed tents are often used for business branding, they are also perfect for private events. If you are having a wedding, a birthday party, or a family reunion, getting a pavilion style tent printed with fun, personal graphics can be the perfect decoration. Many companies sell the tent frame and canopy separately so that customers can use different custom printed canopies for a variety of professional and private functions. Printed canopies often attach to the tent frame so that they are easily applied and removed. This allows people to switch one custom canopy out for another depending on the event. There is also the option to get more affordable stock color canopies without any printing so that you don’t even have to switch out canopies when going from event to event. Use the same tent frame for a business event, such as vending at a festival or fair, and then use the same frame with a different canopy for a private party you are having in a park or backyard.

Long-Lasting Materials for Repeated Use

It is very important to spend money on the best quality tents because those are the models that will last the longest, allowing you to reuse the tent frame and canopy at several events. Make sure your tent frame is made from sturdy material, such as aluminum or steel so that it will not get ruined at indoor and outdoor functions. Some business or local events are held inside while others are held outside, so it is important to be prepared for every setting. If you are getting your tent canopy printed, make sure the canopy material is durable enough for outdoor use. Knitted polyester is a much more reliable fabric compared to thinner, glossier fabric like nylon. Polyester is also easier to print on when using more advanced printing technologies, such as dye sublimation. While some companies may use other printing techniques like screen printing, to get the best custom canopies, look for a printing service that uses dye sublimation. This printing method prevents your graphics from peeling or scratching and will withstand wind, rain, and more weather conditions. The better your tent materials are, the more events you can use your canopy and frame at.

Easy to Setup and Takedown

Pop up canopies are simple to assemble and usually take a few minutes of time and no tools. The reason why pop-up frames are recommended is because they ship and store in compact sizes. The frame is expanded out to its full size and clicks into place, removing the need for tools. Heights of the frames are also usually adjustable to accommodate different areas, such as indoor settings. The canopy attaches to the frame, usually with fasteners. Printing companies that specialize in tents also offer accessories, such as weights and stakes for securing the tent on hard and soft ground. When you are finished using the tent, just collapse the frame back down to its smaller size and place the frame and canopy either in a carry bag or in a storage closet.

Accommodates Other Custom Products

Not only do tents offer plenty of advertising space, but they are also easy to pair with other branded products. Usually, the same company you get your tents will also stock on items you can attach to the tent or display nearby your exhibit. Custom canopy tents sometimes include the option for adding on walls to each side. These walls can also be custom printed with your design to make your tent stand out even further. Sometimes tent walls are equipped with windows and doors for convenience. You might also see tents with banners attached to the walls or legs, flags clamped to the tent legs, and awnings for if it rains. All these products are also customizable to increase your advertising space. Some other products that can be used inside or outside the tent include tablecloths, yard signs, and larger flags so that you can have a complete exhibit for your business or party.

A custom event tent might cost more than other advertising products, but they are worth it in the end. This is because while they cost more, they last longer and have more versatility than other products. They are also easier to spot from far away and will draw the most attention towards your display. Not only are they functional, but they are convenient because they are easy to install and are great for pairing with other marketing tools. Custom tents offer the most printing space, making them the most important marketing product you have if you are trying to generate interest in your business or your party.

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