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5 Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia?

The Sardar Group of Companies, a well-known property developer, has created an exceedingly wonderful property in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. After their stunning success with Centaurus Mall, a comprehensive commercial development, the builders have developed this community with an equally luxurious style. This society's amenities and characteristics are all intriguing. The desirable and potential housing society is stretched across 10,000 Kanal of land. The housing society provides residences at a low cost, as well as an elegant lifestyle.

Another of the project's marketing benefits is that, despite its newness, four of the total apartments have already been built, with more on the way. If that wasn't enough, you can even purchase such blocks and begin construction on your property only with a 50% down price. However, some dealers charge an offering surcharge for plots in development blocks. Once the initiative is officially launched, the developers will adjust the pricing.

  1. Location and Master Plan

The project comprises a well-designed and well-built plan with high-end materials and interior decorating. Taj Residencia is a residential society made up of eleven buildings that are all built differently. A, B, C, and D are the names of four of the buildings. Taj Residencia provides a terrific example for other prospective ventures by providing the best approach with the necessary amenities and finishes. The Islamabad I-14 Sector Linking route offers access to the residential complex; nonetheless, it will soon be connected to the Rawalpindi Ring Road, thus functioning as an entrance point. Furthermore, the facility is easily accessible to the public Islamabad-Lahore highway, giving it a handy location. It takes less than 10 minutes to go to the Islamabad International Terminal, 15 minutes to get to the Quaid-e-Azam International Health center, and 35 minutes to get to the Centaurus mall. The residential project aims to keep inhabitants and investors engaged in both the external and internal worlds.

  • World-Class Luxuries

The Taj Residencia will ensure that every conceivable requirement and extravagance are met within the lodging society. The wider populace will set up free air Internet connections, allowing Wi-Fi signs to be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the general public. Everything will be in order, including clinical examination, educational foundations, banks, utility businesses, and shopping districts. Power, water, and gas would be available at all times. There is little doubt that they will exceed expectations while providing the high-quality facilities that they have promised.

  • Botanical Gardens and Safari Parks

The inhabitants of Taj Residencia can visit the gardens and safari sites if they desire to commit to the bonds of nature. They never have to go out of their way to meet a need. Their emotions will be lifted by the energizing air so that they will experience revitalization. If the construction of your home is a concern for you, Taj Residencia offers the service of constructing it for you. They are always eager to get your assignment from you, as they are equipped with best-in-class creativity and a specific specialized crew. Taj Residencia promotes a healthy combination of intellectual and enjoyable activities. This project brings together fresh air, large areas, lush greenery, new first options, local amenities, plots, and a lot of family fun.

  • Payment Plan

If you're looking for private luxury simplicity, the Taj Residencia is the place to be. The proximity to many key center points and implied structures give the comfort you want, making it generally less noisy yet more fascinating. Featuring 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, & 2 Kanal plot dimensions, the Taj Residencia part plan offers a 20% first installment plan. If the entire sum is paid in one installment, a 6% incentive will be provided. If you purchase a class plot such as Corner holdings, Main Boulevard, or Park front, a 10% discount will be granted. There is a 20% upfront payment in both company and residential plots and six quarterly installments of the remainder. Payment Plan for 1.5 Years In both commercial and private properties, a 20% first deposit is required, followed by six quarterly installments of the remaining amount.

  • Facilities

Taj Residencia has the ideal homes for you. It provides you with the most awaited opportunity to live a lavish lifestyle, complete with lovely and elegant dream estates and lots. The Taj Residencia facilities include clinics with the most up-to-date healthcare equipment and assistance. The educational institutes will provide a-list instruction. Providing a continuous supply of utilities such as water, gas, & power is an added benefit. The residents will be provided with a free Wi-Fi connection that will operate in all areas of the residential project. Polo grounds, sports facilities, and recreation centers will be available for the residents' enjoyment. These offices and open-concept living areas are vying for several accolades in a single effort.


These primary advantages to investing in Taj Residencia provided you with all the necessary and compelling legitimate grounds to support in Taj Residencia. Therefore, if you choose Taj Residencia for your housing option, you will be making a wise decision that will provide you with a prosperous future as well as a luxurious lifestyle.

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