5 Reasons to Switch to Organic Makeup


Cosmetics is an indispensable beauty tool for most women across the globe. Wearing some is a personal choice that helps to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. However, not all cosmetics are created equal. Nowadays, health concerns are fast becoming a key factor when choosing the maquillage one puts on the face. Studies show that some ingredients are harmful and linked to certain cancers and neurological diseases. So it is a good thing that aesthetics such as Jennifer Bradley makeup have chosen to go the organic route.

The makeup lines of today may be plenty, but it all originated from humble beginnings. Cosmetics in ancient times were used in various ways, such as beauty enhancers, religious rituals, sun protection, and even an indication of social class. Facial coloring sometimes depended on cultural backgrounds and was organic from the get-go. It is then no surprise that cosmetic products like Jennifer Bradley makeup chose to return to its organic, chemical-less form. Most makeup wearers choose to switch to it because of five main reasons. 

No toxic chemicals

Conventional makeup tries to reign superior over most brands and claims to last longer than others. However, the chemicals used in its manufacturing are often tough on the skin. Worse, it may even cause an allergic reaction due to toxic irritants like parabens. These are preservatives that prevent mold and bacteria on your blush on or lipstick while extending their shelf life. They can also make the hormones go awry by mimicking estrogen, which may trigger tumor growth in the reproductive or endocrine system. Natural and organic makeup has none of the side effects of traditional cosmetics, so they are safe to use any day

Gentle on skin

Outdated makeup may temporarily create a beautiful you who is in the pink of health. But in reality, continuous use can make the skin rough, dry, and dull. It makes you look older than you are. But organic cosmetics are proven to be safe and gentle on the skin while beautifying you most naturally.


Traditional makeup is composed of several harsh ingredients, such as petroleum, lead, and aluminum. These are just three of the compounds that are chemical-heavy. They come from extensive mining, and when washed off, will go down the drains of your sink. It puts the environment and basic needs, such as your regular water supply at risk of contamination. So when you use organically-made maquillage, you lessen the pollution and impurities in your ecosystem.

Natural fragrances

Most cosmetic companies use harsh artificial fragrances to mask the smell of the chemical ingredients. A cocktail of chemicals can cause dizziness and headaches in some people. Organic beauty products use natural oils to put some scent into their makeup. Some even have aroma-therapeutic effects, which is beneficial for even the most sensitive of sniffers.

Protects against premature aging

Facial skin is more susceptible to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, one of the key factors of premature skin aging. Sun protection is a must for every cosmetic product, and naturally-made makeup provides an ample shield for the face. Most organic makeup contains antioxidants such as vitamin C, which is good for the skin. 

While it is true that a radiant glow comes from within, cosmetics enhance the beauty that already exists. It is best to choose organically-made products to beautify you and save the planet you live on.