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5 Reasons to Switch to Vaping

As vaping continues to take the world by storm, it’s understandable that a traditional cigarette smoker might ask what all the fuss is about.


Why are vape shops popping up all over the high street - and what is this magnetic pull that has led to a whole community forming around the vaping lifestyle?


In this article, the team at Cloudstix - specialist producers and suppliers of quality vape hardware and e-liquid for affordable prices - explain just a few of the reasons why so many are making the switch.


By the end, not only will you better understand the e-cigarette trend, but you may even realise how much it could do for you!


1. Cost


In almost all circumstances, vaping is many times cheaper than regularly smoking traditional cigarettes.


Sure, if you’re a hardcore e-cig fanatic, you may find yourself collecting numerous different specialist vape devices and limited edition liquids, which can bump the price up considerably.


However, in an approximate direct comparison, e-cig users save more than 90% of the cash they would be spending annually if they smoked traditional cigarettes.


This means a huge reduction in expenses when you switch - and, if you use a supplier like Cloudstix, who charge between 10% and 40% less than other major retailers on average - you’ll save even more.  Head over to The Vape House for more information from a reliable and licensed source.


2. Ease of Nicotine Intake Reduction


If you want to cut down on the amount of nicotine you’re taking in when you smoke, replacing cigarettes with vaping devices is a great idea.


Cloudstix offers e-liquids containing nicotine values ranging from 18mg (high strength) to 12mg (medium strength), 6mg (low strength) and even 0mg (nicotine free).


By gradually looking into lower and lower nicotine contents and reducing the amount when the time is right, you’ll be able to cut down in a measured way.


You can even find shortfill e-juices and nicotine salts to help you manage amounts independently.


3. A Huge Range of Flavours


Many people find vaping far more enjoyable than smoking thanks to the massive selection of realistic tastes available.


Whether you love the flavour of decadent candies and cakes, relish succulent fruits or enjoy rich coffees, there will be something for you among the millions of products sold worldwide.


4. A Customisable Experience


A myriad of flavours is one thing - but you can even choose your vape hardware and liquid based on the specific feel and experience you wish to achieve.


PG (Propylene Glycol) provides a satisfying throat feel and string flavour hit, while VG (Vegetable Glycerine) enables you to produce impressive vapour clouds. Both can be found in the majority of vape juices in different ratios.


Remember, both 50/50 liquids (containing an equal amount of PG and VG) and high PG options can be used with pretty much any vaping device, while high VG juices should only be used with a sub-ohm device to avoid damage due to the high viscosity of the e-liquid.


5. A Community of Experts Supporting You


The enthusiasm with which so many individuals have taken to vaping in the years since its advent has been incomparable. Now it’s a fully fledged hobby, with collectible equipment and a whole host of seasoned experts sharing their knowledge and opinions online and in stores.


Chances are, if you’re looking for advice, someone will be on hand to help you in a matter of minutes.


The Cloudstix team encourages anyone looking for answers, guidance or recommendations to get in touch using either the chat function on our website or by emailing [email protected].


Of course, many people have been drawn to vaping purely because it is a huge worldwide trend that shows no sign of stopping - and the hardware involved looks extremely stylish, with a wide range of options to suit any taste and preference.


The collectibility of e-cigarettes and e-juice is a significant pull, as is the in-depth customisation and tailoring that can be done to fully personalise the experience.


Different communities have emerged as the result of explorations into the detailed world of vaping, including sub-ohmers, cloud chasers and flavourists. Which one will you be?


For further information about the vape hardware and e-liquids available from Cloudstix, please don’t hesitate to browse our range today.


You can also contact us directly for any advice you may need, or to ask any questions about our products or our services. A friendly and knowledgeable team member will get back to you with information and answers as quickly as possible.

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