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5 Reasons to Trade Your Carpet in for Rugs or Hardwood

5 Reasons to Trade Your Carpet in for Rugs or Hardwood

Although carpeting stands out in a home, hardwood flooring is better. In this guide, you'll discover five reasons why you may want to set up an appointment for carpet removal in order to renovate your home with hardwood flooring.

Carpet Removal and a Hardwood Floor Installation Provide Total Convenience

When hardwood floors are designed, they're specifically engineered for convenience. To achieve this, hardwood flooring manufacturers gather high-quality wood; then they strategically mill the material. These tactics are vital because they will ensure that a brand new hardwood floor will provide a proper fit. This means that the installation process is never complicated. However, the total installation time will vary depending on hardwood flooring's design.

Another aspect that makes hardwood flooring convenient is its maintenance requirements. If debris, dirt, or dust builds up on a hardwood floor, you can clean the surfaces fairly easily with your favorite cleaning accessory. Typically, a weekly cleaning routine will involve sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping. After you've mopped a grimy hardwood floor, its surfaces will shine and sparkle once all of the water evaporates.

Curb Appeal and Strength

Curb appeal and strength are great qualities that complement one another. A hardwood floor provides curb appeal because it's very elegant. As a homeowner, you'll appreciate this elegance if you pick a hardwood floor color that matches or complements the current color scheme in your home. No matter what type of hardwood material you select, it will add beauty and warmth to the overall design scheme. However, the big benefit is that hardwood flooring never goes out of style. This means that a brand new elegant hardwood floor can raise your home's resale value down the road. When potential buyers step into a home that has hardwood flooring, they will immediately appreciate its beauty and value. According to professional real estate agents, hardwood flooring attracts buyers because it makes a home appear larger or more spacious.

A hardwood floor gets its strength from its wood grains. Most wooden materials are already strong; however, many hardwood floor manufacturers make their products stronger by klin-drying the material. This is why heavy foot traffic, pet paws, and debris can't break down a heavy-duty hardwood floor's surfaces.

Practical Hardwood Floor Design Advantages Following a Carpet Removal

In the hardwood floor industry, there are different flooring options that can enhance every type of home. If you understand the advantages that each design can provide, you'll appreciate your new hardwood floor after the installation is complete.

An unfinished hardwood floor is a great option if you want to apply your own color. This flooring is unfinished, which means that you must stain it. After the stain sets, you'll need to protect it by applying a protective coating on the hardwood surfaces.

Finished hardwood flooring arrives completely sanded and sealed. If you pick this type of flooring, the installation phase will be quicker because you can skip many preparation procedures. After finished hardwood flooring is in place, everyone can immediately walk on it.

Solid hardwood flooring is also an option that you could use to enhance your home. The material is completely dense and solid; a typical solid slab ranges from 5/8 inches to ¾ inches. Since solid hardwood is tough, you can sand the surfaces multiple times without any risks. In most homes, solid hardwood flooring is commonly installed in a basement because it could warp in other locations that have high humidity.

Engineered hardwood flooring is worth considering if you need flooring that has layers. It's made with a wooden veneer, and the veneer is often glued to strong wood stab, such as plywood. Both wooden materials give engineered flooring its strength and stability. This is why engineered flooring is also a great option for a basement.

Carpet Removal Improves the Air Quality

The best way to prevent symptoms that trigger allergies is by maintaining a clean home. The biggest threat in an average home for allergy sufferers is dust. Every day, dust generates on furniture, ceilings, and other items on a home. However, most dust particles pile up on the floor because it has a large surface area. The only practical way to improve the air quality in a home is by taking strategic steps to minimize dust.

You can effectively get rid of many dust particles by removing all carpeting in your home. Carpeting is a risk because dust always sticks to its fibers. Also, when people walk on a carpet, some dust particles will linger on the pile. Wood surfaces don't trap dust, so if you install hardwood flooring, you'll have easy opportunities to extract contaminates that can impact the air quality.

Carpet Removal is a Smart Investment

There are two reasons why homeowners swap carpeting for hardwood flooring. Following the installation, hardwood modifies sounds and provides insulation.

You can take advantage of a hardwood floor's acoustic properties in multiple ways. The hardwood material that you select for your home matters because some materials provide better acoustics than others.

Laminate hardwood flooring has solid acoustics. Since laminated wood is very hard, it will produce the highest sounds when someone walks on it.

Engineered hardwood is a bit quieter. It doesn't echo since its thin wood layers provide stability.

Solid hardwood has the best acoustic properties. If someone walks or runs on this flooring, the material will absorb the sounds.

Normally, all of these wood flooring options can shield heat in a space. However, you can give a hardwood floor better-insulating properties by placing area rugs in high-traffic areas. Area rugs have stronger insulating properties when they're arranged on the second floor in a home.

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