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5 Reasons To Try Bitdefender In 2020

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An Antivirus system is important in 2020 because it is designed to protect your machine from a variety of threats. Millions of Windows and macOS PC get infected by the virus, malware, adware, and other threats. We have reinstalled the Windows operating system minimum of 20 times in one year because you cannot get rid of the deep malware easily.

What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is a Romanian security company that providessolutions to the customer around the world. You can subscribe to the packages and get an A+ antivirus system for your machine.You have plenty of packages for home users, professionals, and enterprise levels. Over the years, we have seen that the Romanian-based security company started putting a lot of capital on promotion. We have to address the elephant in the room and the big question is, whether Bitdefender worth buying?

AV-Test Result

AV-Test organization conducted many tests on the Bitdefender and they found it to be a consistent performer. You can read in-depth Bitdefender evaluation by VPNoverview.com, who has also tested the produced thoroughly.

1. Performance

We take performance very seriously because nobody wants to sacrifice CPU, GPU, RAM, and other resources for security. Many antivirus solutions back in the day use to consume a lot of system resources and it ended up in overall average PC performance. We were not happy because nobody wants to give up that 500 MB memory, 9% CPU, and 93% disk usage.

Bitdefender consumes 230 MB RAM, 4% CPU, and 5%disk usage in idle state. In short, the Romanian cybersecurity company optimized the newer versions for performance and stability. We recommend the readers to upgrade the mechanical hard drive to SSD (Solid State Drive) for exceptional output.

2. Password Protection

You can protect the machine by adding a password to the programs. Many threats attack the programs and disable the functionalities at the code level. It is the major reason why installed programs don’t work normally.

You can add a password to every installed program in Windows & macOS running machine. If your USB Flash Drive injects malware and starts attacking the security program to disable it, then it won’t happen at all. Nobody can open the software without a valid password and that’s the end of the malware.

3. Advanced Privacy Features

Bitdefender introduced features that don’t make sense to many customers but they are essential in modern standards. You can take “File Shredder” for instance and it allows the users to delete the data without a trace of it. It will destroy the file in a format that no one can recover from it.

You can take “File Encryption” for instance where you can encrypt files, folders, and documents to secure it. You can send the files or receive files in that format and ensure that nobody can decode it. Your personal information and documents are safe from third-party eyes.

4. Protection Features

You can purchase one solution from a widerange of the package and they have advanced protection features that Apple macOS and Microsoft Defender could not introduce. Unfortunately, Windows Defender & macOS inbuilt security is inconsistent, which can put your data at risk.

a)      You have a traditional antivirus system that has real-time protection.

b)      System administrators can replace the inbuilt “Firewall” with Bitdefender Firewall.

c)       Add a powerful security layer to prevent Ransomware.

d)      Now, you can prevent multiple internet-related threats by enabling “Online Threat Prevention” in the solution.

You have plenty of functions that will help the professionals, individuals, and home users to strengthen Windows & macOS security.

5. Add-ons

Every system security solution company is offering advanced utilities like Disk Cleaner, Anti-theft, Startup Optimizer, One-click Optimizer, and more. We don’t consider these features important, but many users are looking for an all-in-one package at affordable prices.

Bitdefender is offering VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to the customers with 200 MB of free data every day. You can subscribe to the package and purchase the license key to access the premium VPN locations.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender offers a 30-days trial version on all antivirus products that we have tested multiple times. You can install the trial version in the Windows & macOS machines and all you have to do is create a free account. You don’t have to input Credit Card details and you need to create a free account, and that’s all. Let us know what do you think about Bitdefender in the comment section below.

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